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The easing of restrictions to enter India allowed to reopen the country to travelers after two years. During this period only few emergency and workers Visas were released. As I reached the Ashram and crossed the entrance gate, I felt as if I had stayed away for just a few days. One of the traits of this timeless place is to instill a inner emotion which takes people into a dimension suspended over this world of dream. The atmosphere you can breath infuses peace and calm but at the same time it shows energy and power which reveal themselves in the bursting and enchanting beauty of trees and flowers. The Ganges flows touching lightly the northern boundary of the Siddhapith and seems to carry the echo of past ages.


The city is in the spotlight of the authorities that have made it the destination of their frequent visits. Impressive pieces of architecture, culminated with the renovation of Shiva Vishwanath temple, have been started. Its inauguration, on December 13th, was broadcast by the media with great emphasis. Many other works are currently underway in the city and on the banks of the river. After more than three millennia archeologically confirmed, Varanasi remarks its centrality for religion and culture.


The day after the arrival, we lit the Dhuni and started preparing the place for the annual celebration of Mahanirvana Diwas. We decorated the temple and prepared the areas for the various activities that have been planned.
On Mahanirvana Diwas day, in the morning, Guru Baba and Anil Baba performed the Havan and the Aghor Digbandhan.


Later the guests expressed their devotion for Baba Aghoreshwar and paid homage to Anil Baba and Guru Baba. The doctors, the teachers of the center, many disciples and devotees, and obviously the kids and former students of our school were present as usual. A group of guys and other persons started singing Aghoranna Paro Mantro making this chant our background music until lunch time.


Early in the afternoon, from the stage in the school yard, the kids welcomed the guests and started the performances they have prepared before. The audience seemed visibly enraptured by the grace and the friendliness the kids were sparkling all around.


During a short break we enunciated the goals of the social activities the center undertook during the hard lock-downs. Fifteen hundred families got packages to face the shortage of supply and job loss. Every 15 kg package included basic necessities such as rice, wheat, lentils, oil, sugar, salt, biscuits and personal care, household and laundry products. Last winter more than one thousand blankets were distributed to the most needy to protect themselves from the cold.


Then our doctors, members and guests gave short speeches to the people present, followed by the words of Guru Baba and Anil Baba.
After the short break the kids started their performances again until dinner time.


The presence and the blessing of Baba Aghoreshwar were perceptible and have reigned over the Siddhapith all the time.
The school has reopened for some time now and this year we have two hundred thirty pupils and support sixty four students in junior high schools, in high schools and in training courses in external institutes.


The hospital has always been open to give medical assistance to our kids and to other people when necessary.


Life has turned to normal at the center. On December 16th we organized the first medical camp of the season. Our doctors examined more than two hundred fifty persons, medicines, glasses, drugs and ayurvedic and naturopathic treatments were distributed and many people will come to the center to have eye surgery.


Now winter is coming to the great plain and the Ashram is ready to help the families that could face difficulties.