The village of Gundii


Shri Aghoreshwar


Taken from Aughar Bhagwan Ram’s biography

Seven miles north of Ara railway station, in the province of Bhojpur in the state of Bihar, one mile south of the Ganges and three, four miles west of the river Son, there is a village called Gundii, well-known for its natural sights. The village is surrounded by thick and beautiful mango groves and, right from the first time you see it, it seems as, since centuries, it has been the land where great figures made their devotion. Once it was a village of shepherds but with the passing of time Kshatryas got the supremacy. Since centuries, many enlightened ascetics and saints have been living in this holy village.

The village has 5000 inhabitants, both Hindus and Muslims and from this spot, in these days, the great figures who practice religions are sending a message of love and goodwill to people; it is necessary to give further information about some of them.

Paramamhans Shri Rameshwar Das

Everybody in Gundii and in the nearby villages knows the venerable Baba Rameshwar Dasji very well. He died more than two hundreds years ago. He came from a Brahmin family. He stood out because, although he was a householder, he was free from worldly bonds and remained always in meditation. He lived in Yaggyaavatarji (reincarnation of sacrifice) temple and served and worshipped Him continually. He was always so absorbed in the worship of his adorable God that he never thought that this body would be destroyable.



Once, because of a flood, his relatives couldn’t take him food. In the master’s hut there was a disciple too, Baba Dubarii Del, who was there to serve him. It was raining in torrents and you could see only water all around. It was midnight. The master realized that that day he and his disciple should fast. The mahatma couldn’t stand seeing his disciple suffering hunger. In that very moment he saw that a person, looking like the one who brought him food every day, was coming in that terrible rain with food containers. The Maharaj and his disciple cheered them up. At daybreak the one who used to bring food every day, came and began to apologize for he couldn’t have come the previous night but Baba told him: “Hey, what are you talking about? You in person brought food yesterday night and Dubarii and me got it.” The story goes that that night the venerable Raaghavendra himself brought the Prasad, the offering of food to the master.


Shri Aghoreshwar’s Gaddi, paternal house


Many sadhaks and saints used to go to the village of Gundii and see Baba. Once, to meet the Mahatma, the venerable fakir Tikiyaa Saani, from the village of Kunduuriyaam, went to Gundii riding a tiger. Most probably Saanii Baba wanted to show his very almightiness and the spiritual power he had acquired. Immediately the mahatma knew his intention. As soon as Saanii Baba came, after offering him hospitality, Baba had the tiger tied up in his stable. The meeting of the two saints stretched to a little while and then Saanii Baba took leave from the Mahatma. When Saanii Baba reached the stable to take his tiger, his puzzlement was enormous. The tiger wasn’t there anymore. Later on the mahatma easily made the tiger come out from the mouth of a cow.


Shri Aghoreshwar


Once, after completing her sadhana, an ascetic woman set out thinking that if she had met a trustworthy sadhak, she would have married him. After visiting many places, this avadhutin reached the village of Gundii. She was completely naked and had sworn that she would marry the one who had been able to make her wear a dress. A man of the village cast a glance to the woman and, to protect her honour, threw a dress on her body. The story goes that when the dress touched the body of the woman it caught fire at once and burnt. Little by little the avadhutin reached Yaggyavatarji temple. At that moment Baba was standing still before his venerable idol, worshipping him. As soon as he saw the avadhutin, he threw a dress on her body but this time the dress didn’t catch fire as it did before. Immediately the woman gathered that Baba was a man who had offered himself to God and as she had met the desired ascetic, so she asked him to marry her. But at that very moment the legal (out of religion) wife came to take part in the worship and the woman was astonished. To the offer of marriage Baba answered that he was already married. Then Baba greeted the woman as if she was his mother and left the village.

Temple, Gundii


Baba had a remarkable gift for poetry. He could write a poem very easily. Even today, the villagers of Gundii begin to sing some of the poems written by the mahatma with great faith and devotion. Baba was convinced that Paramahatma (God) neglected believers’ faults and the worst sinners and that inspired such an extreme feeling not hard to understand with one’s intellect. Baba’s poetry keeps being alive on local people’s lips even today.

When he was 110 year old, Baba completed his earthly deeds and became a divine spirit. When the soul left his body,  in the sky the name of Rama rang out.

Sanii Saamsiin Baba

Saanii Saamsiin Baba, villager of Gundii was contemporary of Rameshwar Babaand and was a perfect fakir indeed. Baba Rameshwar and Saanii Sahab met very often. Even today the descendants of Saanii Baba’s family are held in great esteem. Saanii Baba’s tomb is in a very enchanting spot at the edge of the road before the village. The cult of Saanii Baba is celebrated by both Hindus and Muslims for many days. People believe that even today Saanii Baba comes out of his tomb and travels.

Shiva Lingam

Aughar Baba

Aughar Baba from Pakari Jagatpur was an ascetic having great supernatural powers. Ram Surya Baba (Aughar Baba) often went to the village of Gundii through to meet Baba Rameshwar Dasji and Saanii Baba.

Besides these great figures, many other men having supernatural powers and many sadhaks have been living in the sacred village of Gundii. In this village there are four places where the Kshatraniyams, descendants of that holy man, had confronted the Sati. There are also many temples and many smaller temples.