Trust is essential

On the occasion of Avtaran Diwas dated 24th January 1971 in the Magh Mela camp of Shri Sarveshwari Samooh, addressing the members who were present, admirers and devotees in the evening meeting Param Pujya Aghoreshwar said:

Gentlemen, mothers and religious brothers! You all are imbued with abundance of thoughts from so many discourses in various camps. The mind is full through the medium of eyes and ears. Now I think you must be perplexed by the overflow of these rivers of rainy season. With a peaceful mind amass ‘OM’ the sacred syllable. Thereafter I will express your views in the ordinary language spoken among family and friends. You must do Pranav. Your conscience will be exhilarated when you feel happy. The self will experience it gradually. Because its noisy here. Your consciousness cannot attain concentration. It is in concentration that one can understand its practice. But when you go away from here, sit in solitude and practice. You will be relieved from grief and agony. As the mind is very jealous, the self is dominated by numerous worldly affairs and by its various influence the consciousness, vision and emotion gets polluted. You are not able to act according to your sight, rationality and understanding. I can only say that you will attain peace and happiness if you look at a thing with a sense to judge correctly and see the most remarkable quality. But if you see from a wrong point of view then you will be sorrowful and suffer loss. You must do Pranav.

Brothers! The knowledge and sermon that could be rightly brought to practice must be considered precious. The knowledge and sermon that is for listening and explaining to others is nothing more than illusion. It cannot be brought in conduct due to its impracticality and your life would be polluted and go astray. So I could only say to you all that the sermon and knowledge that you listen, whatever you see, contemplate and realize in this region of Prayag, how far could you bring them in your practical life, that only is meaningful. The knowledge that is not brought in conduct and behavior would turn out to be a conceit in life. It would be ridiculous. Whatever you know about divinity, devotion and sacred deeds must be brought in conduct and behavior. That will be more than sufficient for you. One would become conceited despite listening more and having more knowledge and understanding if it is not brought in conduct and behavior.

First of all trust is required in life. It is said: “There cannot be a single attainment in absence of trust. A firm trust is the permanent quality of an individual similar to the virtuous deed of pilgrimage to Prayag ”. You must give trust among your home, family, friends and relatives. You must give trust to brothers, acquaintances, son, wife and everyone. Your right as master of the house is snatched away in the absence of trust.

The attitude of disregard will turn out to be your enemy. You must lend trust to your family, friends, relatives and the country, too. Trust is needed for the realization of God and great soul. One should put continuous efforts to attain trust as it is a profound wealth. Those who achieve it could get the trust of any community and caste of the nation. In every affair trust is needed, may it be japa, worship, meditation, formation of good opinion or in possession of one’s right. One has to give trust from household to the faith of salvation. He has to pay its price. How would we attain it? What are its symptoms and qualities? We will have to put efforts for a long time for its attainment. It is these attainments that will provide us discretion, happiness and amenities. There would be scarcity all around in its absence. If you have trust then animals would bow down, a violent man will keep faith, a cruel man would shun away wicked feelings.

I could only say that you should lend your trust to everyone. You should go on reposing trust in others even if they do not have trust in you. You will certainly understand its quality and sanctity. It will provide you pleasure and happiness. You must give trust to goddess, deities, friends, relatives, son, wife and to all such people who are involved in governing, regulating and bringing about reforms in the nation. By attainment of these qualities you could perform your duty as a human being. You will be happy after performing it. I hope you understand well whatever I have said in a nutshell. I understand this by my thoughts and by the hints of the deity hidden inside me.

In whichever corner of the Earth you reside, in all its four directions, 100 yojan in the east, west, north and south, you must be friendly with all the human beings, may he be an inhabitant of forest, city or village. You must continuously keep the thought inside yourself that you must be a man who wants their happiness, everyone’s welfare and everyone’s friendship.

In worldly life, in social life, we must regularly engage in self-introspection and self-analysis of our conduct.