Two young men went to a Guru to be initiated. Guru asked them to go to the river’s bank to get some information about the load of goods that a boat in transit, docked a few time before, was carrying. One of them went there very quickly, he gathered some information about that load and then he reported them to the Guru. The other young man methodically gathered detailed information about everything, he didn’t think only about the load the boat was carrying. He found out where the boat was coming from, where it was going, how many days it would take to reach its destination and in how many days it would have been back. That young man went back to the Guru with this report in full. Later the Guru gave each one a stick and asked them to go to a place where there would have been no one present, to break the stick and to come back. The second young man who gathered detailed information about the boat, engaged himself in this search going around for a long time, then he came back without breaking the stick. The Guru asked them both: “Did you break the stick?”. The first one replied in the affirmative while the second said: “I realized I was in every place I visited even if nobody was there. I saw myself everywhere. I couldn’t find a place where I was not present”. Then Guru said: “Yes, you are a well-trained disciple. You have the right to remain near the Guru”. To the first one he said instead: “Go and do what the others do. This kind of spiritual way is not for you. In this life you won’t be able to put it into practice. Really don’t try to do this”. There are many who don’t understand what is truly said, and even if we have the answer or not, this goes to us too. The second young man was able to know that source of strength and creativity thanks to his curiosity; that young man who realized that there was no any place without or devoid of air, earth, sky. They are all present everywhere as well as we are, always.

I see many people dragging around the load of their body and they have the feeling that it is a very heavy load. It seems so heavy that in the end they behave like that woodcutter who, tired of carrying his bundle of sticks, threw it down disgusted and said: “Oh Death! Why don’t you come in front of me?”. His call was so sincere that a few time later death appeared in front of him and asked: “Why did you call me?”. The terrified woodcutter let slip: “Oh Death! You come at the right moment; can you help me to put this bundle of sticks on my head?”. Our case is identical: when we get anxious and tired, we seek for death but when she comes we get even more scared and we ask her to give us back our heavy load, that is our body. At that moment we don’t say: “We need to be saved from this burden”. So, when we worship the Divine Mother we don’t do that just for our personal profits but we pray her to protect our life and our senses and to give us that divine knowledge through which we can get to know her. Not that kind of knowledge that really is not knowledge and that keeps us in the dark for life. This life is precious. Everyone can say: “Oh Mother! Every mistake that I might have made, consciously or not, I beg you, forgive me for this”. I really don’t know the complex relationship of cause and effect of things. I don’t even know your real name. I only saw you doing many things, and since you were involved in these things I began to call you with many different names. You listened to my supplications. You pay attention to me, but my desire to communicate with you has not been satisfied. I am not able to talk with you. I can’t understand your suggestions. Oh Mother! When we get to understand your suggestions and the way you make things happen, we’ll be able to see You everywhere. You are like the fire, like the sun, like the rays of the sun, you are light, you are divine!”

Aghoreshwar’s seekers consider alcoholic drinks, lies, theft and weaknesses as excrement. They always say that, indulging in these things, they can be attacked by the weapon of carnal desires. So everyone should always avoid them.

Human beings find friends, supporters and lovers according to their liking. I don’t want to be like that. I want to remain as a poor person. In the heart of this person you can find a little corner where she can exists in a sufficient manner. There is where I wish to light my spiritual fire.

It will be one of your vast riches to spread the light of the contemplation of your Guru’s name, of his virtues, of his daily activities, of the treasure of his peace, of his life until you can, with wisdom. Travel everywhere and make aware of those sweet words and virtues of Aghoreshwar that light the way with spirituality, simplicity and vision, those people who remained without Aghoreshwar’s treasures, because of the lack of a better behaviour in themselves. There are no riches greater than these, nor light greater than this.

The point where Aghorabhairavacharya stopped is the point from which Aghoreshwar Kina Ram continued the spiritual line. That knowledge expressed by Awadhoots will set an example for a thousand years. There are many stories of Aughar-Mahatma which can be found only in the oral tradition. Because of the wandering nature of these saints, their stories could not be collected and properly recorded. Samadhi of our venerated Rajeshwar Ramji belongs to the same tradition.

Aughars are not tantric, they don’t believe in tantra nor in absurd idols. They believe in your faith and devotion, they believe in themselves and not in something external.

If you are engaged in prayers and contemplation, there are some deep things which keep passing in front of your eyes, but you are not able to understand them and so you let them go. If you could understand them, you would reach happiness and peace and I would reach too the same happiness and the same peace. Which could be the reason for this suffering? It’s that of sharing with you your worries and your pain. If I was involved in putting out the fire burning inside of you, no doubt my face would be burning too. And, looking at what would be the result of doing this, I would have deprived myself of you for so many days, for so many years. I don’t know when your fire will extinguish and you will attain peace. In your quiet, in the shade of that tree, I will pass my time in peace and happiness,too and I will see you in  peace and happiness, able to do any kind of thing. I can be able to see the progress of this nation, of this society, that is what I wish.

Aughars-Aghoreshwars have truth as a friend. According to the occasions they have the right kind words. They like to breath an air of happiness, peace and equality.

This is the reason why they speak about living in the body made up of the five elements. On the other hand, they let fly out of this cage (the body) the bird which represents their life force, making him rest in the cosmic universe, at Kapaleshwar’s place.

We need an oar and the knowledge of the depth, the width and the length of the ocean to be able to cross the ocean of life. You can cross the ocean on the boat of a well-informed person; on Aghoreshwar’s boat.

Disciples should understand what doesn’t allow them to keep the tradition of mantras, which represent the simple way to attain knowledge. They should practice mantras and avoid that their use got lost.

The ease to pay attention to the sufferings of the whole humanity has always been an Aghor’s tradition.

Those we pay homage to in the mantra “Aghoranna Paro Mantra” (the greatest Mantra is name of Aghor) are Aghoreshwars.