The power of Samooh


We should opportunely abandon those thoughts whose blame is to have created so many problems, as well as we do with the things we abandon when we empty our bowels. You should abandon just like excrement those toxins that poisoned your mind because of a negative way of thinking. If it is true that emptying your bowels you free yourselves, and then you feel better, so it is certain that you will attain a great happiness and so much peace if you shake off dirty repulsive feelings and thoughts.

A person attains the Aghor or Awadhoot condition when, beyond every nationality or faith, he is so mentally elevated that hate, jealousy and attachments vanished off his heart. This is a state in which we remain completely undisturbed and relaxed. The one who attained this condition is completely detached from the outside world. The one who is in this condition has no needs, desires nor he asks for anything. Such a person has no worries, limitations, oppressions and he is under no obligation to anybody. He is a sort of person completely free from everything and he is happy wherever he is. The follower who is in this state has become an Aughar, an Awadhoot or an Aghori. His heart has become pure, no negativity can affect him. His mind is settled in absolute stillness and he achieves a status of imperturbability; he regards all the living beings as divine creatures and so they are equal.

An Aughar is convinced that big sermons or striking a pose as a god or as a god’s messenger are not things you can rely on. An Aughar doesn’t try to gather big masses of people to give them some blessing.

Spiritual teachings are effective only if they are in step with the cases and the individual level of a person. This explains why an Aughar guru prefers giving an individual attention.

The transcendent cannot be defined with words and, when we use words for that, a clever mind can always conceive something to maintain the contrary of what it is said. The existence of people who live only on theories is made for being constantly spent in talking about something. The one who is narrow-minded cannot enjoy what is infinite and boundless. Carry on your way with trust. Keep from having a debate with the others because it stops your progress.

A road sign is not the destination it shows, a map is not really the same territory it represents. In the same way sacred texts are not the same point of arrival to reach they tell about, they are just palliatives. Don’t give so much importance to sacred texts, pass to direct practice instead and don’t let sermons and discussion take its place.

Sow an action, you will reap a habit. Sow a habit, you will reap a character. Sow a character, you will reap a destiny.

The general idea of spiritual practice or sadhana is to train yourselves so that you are able to live peacefully among the earthly situations that each time occur. To run away from the world to live peacefully into a cave or into a forest is something that everybody can do. But a real practising is the one who is able to live peacefully in the midst of problematic situations.

The many souls coming, searching for the resolution of their earthly life, didn’t understand yet that the life of dream is just the mirror of the very life of spirit.

Give your words and your help in the loving feeling of Aghoreshwar without expecting anything back; you bearers of light should always give and never ask.

Goddess Mother is an orderly organism. In the goddess Mother the energies of all the gods group together. Mother has divided her energies in Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva) according to what is necessary for creation, preservation and destruction.

Good is not desire but the constant being into the real divine energy. You can’t build good for other souls. Good is only the feeling of deep love that the soul itself is living, it is the very expression of the pure essence of the universal soul and of the holy souls of light. Nobody builds good nor gives good through action or through human thinking. Good is the Aghoreshwar’s feeling itself, it’s loving feeling that the soul brings into the expression of its constant state of light, of pure being, of source of energy and of being always in the divine. Don’t believe, don’t think that good comes from human feeling, good leads only to divine feeling because it’s the divine that takes and gives good in this world of life of dream.

Hell and heaven are something that man creates on this earth thanks to his own behaviour.

The Almighty is not classifiable as male or female, nor he certainly is a combination of both of them or something in the middle between them. No word will ever be able to tell exactly what that light is. That’s why at the beginning of “Devi bhagwata” the author Vyasa said: “Oh God I know, you have no form, you are beyond all that can be seen, and you are different from human form, and yet, to show your presence to the others, I prepare myself to define you with a name and a form. Please, forgive me for this contempt: I represent you like this, as it is impossible to say something about you to the others without giving you a name or a form. If I don’t exert myself to make the others conscious of you, they will waste their precious lives into the absolute darkness of ignorance.”

With the same fish you can cook soup, curry, fillet, and every dinner guest chooses the  dish he likes more. Likewise, the lord of the universe, albeit only one, manifests himself differently according to the different liking of his worshippers, and each of them has his own vision of him, the dearest one to them.

It is likely that if you try to reform society you won’t be able to change anyone this way. That’s why our gurus and saints said that if you first change yourselves society will be automatically reformed.

This is an ashram. Those who can catch the difference existing between the peace and the tranquillity of an ashram and the too much talking of the cities, know how to behave and how to talk. They want to do what ashram’s traditions allow them to do and what is appreciated by the others. Those who are not familiar with the ashram’s rules, give problems to themselves. They spend their time criticizing and speaking ill of the others. This individuals waste their existence in negative deeds. Only the few who keep from making similar actions are able to go deep in the soul and to understand reality. They are the so-called noble people. These people don’t care about fake exhibitions of love and affection: their bond of affection lasts all life. Only they can be regarded as valuable people. Well-disposed people don’t let themselves go to foolish acts. The disappearance of this so-called councillors – those who act as friends and supporters but that are only able to drag someone in poverty – will never take place. There are thousand of those who fell victims of their advices. I can see the consequences even in this ashram. I don’t want to see the faces of these mean councillors. They have a very definite character. They are depressed and tormented by sins.

Loneliness attracts various kind of thoughts, a man alone is troubled, he has doubts and suspicions. If he could dismiss these thoughts and learn to concentrate even in the midst of the crowd, he could look at his breath this way, he could notice if his breath is long or reduced, and which kind of images are taking shape inside of it. Reduced breath is good, the long one no – it  leaves free rein to the pleasure of senses. The less we breath, the more is the pleasure. If breath seems to be receding it is much more pleasant. It’s important to notice which kind of shapes you see. What do you see? Representations of the gods or the deity you chose? Which garment is it wearing? White or red? Blue or yellow?

When your mind is fully absorbed, you see the images coming from your breath. When your ear hears voices you start to know things. You don’t have positive results because you doubt. And you doubt because you do things that mantras don’t provide for. Relax yourselves. Ease the tension. It doesn’t matter what the others say. You will regain self-confidence; your suffering will cease, your pain will go away. Anyway, unless you shun bad company, you won’t be able to regain self-confidence.

All the saints of the past and the saints who will be are the very will of Aghoreshwar, the very light of Aghoreshwar.