The dependence on senses


Everything on this earth is been fading away and getting more and more near to its last destination, the death, but man doesn’t give up his weaknesses. Childhood has passed, youth has almost gone by too and we are approaching  the last period of our life, the old age. All this time I have never even found a moment to sit down and think of  God, I have never even offered Him a flower with all my heart. I have only kept on offering flowers outwardly and  not from inside with the real sentiment of my soul. Birth after birth, life after life, I have been fooled for a long time, each time my ten senses (eyes, tongue, ears, etc.) led me astray. When will I be free from this slavery? Oh God, please free me from the subjection of senses! I spent so many lives to satisfy the senses and therefore I have been suffering. Oh God, please save me from these sufferings! Because of my senses I suffered many affronts, my body had to be exposed to many weaknesses. We don’t have any enemies on this earth but our senses. God, please, give me the strength to redeem myself from this state of dependence. Many of you live alone or with their families. If during the day you find one moment…one moment… just one moment to pray like this, this turns into a habit.

The ones who work to try to satisfy their senses keep always unsatisfied. In their lives remains a constant feeling of dissatisfaction, and that’s why inside they feel always empty, they are not able at all to taste real joy. At first to control the senses can seem a difficult task and it requires discipline, but many are the reliefs. Destiny course is changed by will, determination and a strict dedication.

The nine senses and the tenth, the mind, have their own interests. The more you feed them the greedier they become. Fire burns until you add wood to it. Senses must be controlled.

Mantra means friend, support. The seed of Mantra attracts to you the very divine, the lord of Mantra. But all this is clear and comprehensible only when we come to the point where we are free from the slavery of senses. The one who is subject to the others (the senses) could not be happy even while he is sleeping and dreaming. We have two enemies, our penis and our tongue. The tongue says a thing then it withdraws into the mouth but then the body isexposed to the consequences that the tongue causes. That is the condition of the human being! We are not free from this two slaveries, tongue and sex organ. So it is difficult to be happy until we depend on these organs.

Few centimetres of skin and cartilage in the upper part (tongue) and in the lower part of the body (genitals) cause every kind of weakness inside ourselves. If they both are limited well and kept under control, we are not obliged to point at someone’s weakness and the others do the same. Because of them both, we bring a lot of pain to ourselves and to the others. When we will shun excess and practice moderation, we will get the brightness and the joy of equilibrium and bliss.

Inside we have rage, hesitation and so many mean thoughts that don’t allow us to be absorbed in ourselves. Although we hope for staying absorbed in our heart, our subjection (to the senses that order us) doesn’t allow us to stay absorbed in this condition. That’s the reason why we keep invoking the name of that Great Unknown (God) and ask for help.

We should work to let purity and happiness shine through our hearts and through our minds. Instead of our desires that shouldn’t find place, what we need is firm will. Desire is suitable for a weak person, but firm will is an integral part of a strong and good person. Desire is slavery, is full of pain and it keeps us restless and unhappy. So we should have a firm will. With a steady will and a rigorous practice we can manage to know that “Great Unknown”.

We have been overwhelmed by our weaknesses. Your first weakness is that you feel so weak that you don’t trust your power to reach your goal.

We must pay constant attention to the desires of our senses. Disguised as friends, these ones keep on leading us astray every moment. As we are led astray and distracted by these “friends”,  the whole existence appears limited by a deep darkness.

Life is complicated. The way your Guru acts is likely to give rise to demoralization and confusion in you. Everything is certainly lost in the very moment you abandon your faith. When at first we try to approach a divine figure, this figure, in those moments, to test us, can act unpleasantly and destabilize our mind. That is why from the beginning we should pray God and The divine Mother, so that all the Guru has given us don’t get lost.

We must try to satisfy our Guru and God. They are our real point of reference, and not a person of little value. To feel our essence in Guru and God’s essence is as good as to purify ourselves.

The fruits and the flowers you offer to your Guru are to Him nothing but a load of dead branches. The right offer to Him aren’t flowers but faith. That faith is the flower of your heart. In that place (the heart), you don’t need to waste both money and time. If you keep on offering your faith, you will notice you won’t need anything. You will never fidget anything. You will have an inexhaustible wealth, an inexhaustible strength, an always keen intellectual faculty and an inexhaustible dignity. All this will never die. Wherever you will go, my friends, you will find what you are looking for. Charisma will grow inside yourselves.

Instead of looking inside our soul, instead of follow Guru’s advices, we take pains to carry out the pleas of our senses, the indications of our minds. That can make an existence empty. A modicum of faith can even move a mountain, this is sure. You should have an unshakable faith in our holy men as well as an unshakable consideration and respect for them. 

We must go sensibly ahead on the way of life. We should keep ourselves calm, absorbed and simple, like this we will reach our goal. Pay attention to Guru’s voice and to the inner one. If you act like this, you won’t react badly to negativities and to envious people. Their sarcasm is for you an indirect compliment. If you don’t reply to them, you will win anger and gain peace and wellbeing that way. Preventing revenge and grudge from overwhelming you, you accumulate strength, and for you one plus one will be eleven. You will drink the nectar of life. You will have the better of bothersome situations of your life.

The effects of our actions (of karma) are like a shadow following us. We should value correctly all the important things, everywhere and in any circumstances. Only then our inner being will bloom like a wonderful flower and then we will be able to welcome everybody fairly. In such a state, we will be remembered as advanced beings and we will be worthy of remembrance.

Pray God to make you and the others bold. Be one who can offer more and more.

The biggest goal a man has to pursue in his life is humanity. Any divine entity chosen by a man is pleased with him only when he embraces humanity as religion. Hindus, Muslims and other religions recommend goodwill. Each of these religions encourage  every man to goodwill. The ones who will have evil intentions will be wicked and unfair. Foolishness will creep into their mind, annoyance and corrupt thoughts will occupy their intellect. They will turn their back to their religion and there will be the decay of humanity and of the religion of man. This is man’s worst discredit. These human qualities I have just talked about are not only human but also God’s qualities. If we make sure that these qualities spread through air, God will appear everywhere. We don’t need to begin looking for God. In our existence we should produce and permeate the atmosphere with this virtue (that of humanity). This way the light of God will shine in every particle of this atmosphere. Thanks to this virtue public life will be peaceful and serene.

Divinity is not separated from us. The human beings can be both a divinity and a devil. All depends on behaviour. If they act badly they become devils and turn into divinities if men act well.

I think that “Without respect and sensitivity, there is no prayer”. You need sensitivity and respect for any initiative you take, only then a task can be done correctly. If you haven’t sensitivity the prayer alone can lead you astray. Your prayers and meditations can turn into a nuisance.

If prayer, and what you have been told to do, are put into practice properly, they turn out well. This is also what is otherwise known as yoga. On the contrary you could keep your mind and body in turmoil and so you won’t be able to find the divine.