Grihasta is the great ascetic


Taken from Aghor Guru Guh

Darshi! There is no better place to do penance than field and farm. Ascetic farm owners, very busy doing farm works, are called farmers (grihasta). Grihasta means the one who has lifted ghiri (mountain) with his hasta (hand). Grihasta’s sadhana has fed all the creatures with the corn he has grown.

Darshi! Look how powerful and beautiful this sadhana is, it is inherent in the heart of this sadhak. He sends very far away the darkness of hunger, pain, sadness and anxiety. The grihasta lifts a mountain with his own two hands; it is very different from the way Ravana and Krishna lifted the mountain as they did it only a few times and for just one day, while the grihasta has come in the world with a mountain in his hands. Grihastas’ tradition expects that they accept and honour also the unexpected guest who arrives to their place. History books describe it very well. 

Shastras provide for five kinds of sacrifice. Among these five sacrifices, the one for the guest (atithi) is regarded as very important. The word atithi or abhyaghat (guest) has just one meaning and is used only in this sense: “To give energy or courage”. You can give energy and inspiration to someone when you gives food and water to him, banishing indifference, weakness and bad will, so he will be inspired and will become an active and energetic person and a source of inspiration for the others, too.

Oh Darshi! You have seen that idle people’s life values duties very little. They seem to deserve immorality. Active people really have a lot of energy and make the others willing and active. They inspire people of the society and nation to be active. How do you consider that? An ordinary duty? This is our sages’ (rishis) secret vision. Where inactivity and laziness are, here you will find idle people that depend on the others, you will find them dependent like common people. Can you see that turtle dove? How wonderful her nest is. It shelters her and will protect her cubs from the cold, the hot weather and the rain. Well, she made that nest by herself working hard and with perseverance. She is also the queen of her house. This bird is obviously an example of the highest degree of activity and energy. I am not talking about those lazy monkeys that try to prosper depending on the others and seeking protection. The result of this behavior is that they are unprotected and cannot avoid the heat of summer, the cold of winter and the rains. The consequence is clear, they are victim of these calamities. They don’t feel even shame for the way they behave. If you have ever observed a monkey, you will have noticed that when it sits down and closes its eyes, then it doesn’t open it anymore and goes on keeping them closed with confidence and thinking that nobody is looking at it. This is shameful.

Oh thoughtful Sadhu! You that are active and industrious, don’t pay attention to and don’t take up this attitude. If you are absorbed by a lazy person’s way of thinking, you will seem idle too. Your hollow cheeks will have the sign of laziness.

Darshi! There are many people akin to the ones I was talking about before, look at the peculiar jealousy that politicians have towards each other, how have they reached the point of being like this? But not all the political leaders are like this. Some of them is devoted to duty and is a great benefactor. Even if he could make a bid for power, he gives everything to the others. He lives in peace and feel this condition is heaven and while he is sleeping in an old and battered bed in his hut, he is glad to sleep there, he wake up happy and have a satisfying social life and does good to himself and luckily to the others too. For their services, they don’t expect any reward or profit.

Oh Darshi! Haven’t you heard that in these days Delhi’s name has been changed to “Baklopur”? “Baklol” is the trifling language of lazy people sitting at the top of the “Pur” (village – town). How can the one who creates the law and the fear of the jungle be brave and courageous? Those who keep on blaming the others will always be full of doubts and worries. Moving is better than being seated. Just think: “I have to move” and you will move. You can leave any path behind with your progress! Oh yes! You can leave even death behind!