The Samooh and the religions

I don’t know, to tell the truth, what kind of men there are in our ashrams. I don’t know if they are criminals or gentlemen, sinners ore pure heart men. Anyway, whatever they are, I will feel glad if I get to know that they are people on the way to God. Those who rely on Sarveshwari’s guide and protection and respect the old people have my utmost respect.

Those who are in our ashrams are our representatives. They must understand that their function is not only limited to a mere distribution of food and clothes to the people. Their main duty is to encourage the people to mix their own essence with that of the Great Unknown.

Life is a struggle, and such it is destined to be. It is a never-ending struggle that happens inside ourselves. What worries me the most it is not the individual as such, but I am worried about the bad habits people have got into. It is these bad habits, derived in some circumstances from bad company, we must fight. I didn’t start this organisation so that it can be a trifling place of gossip or just to be together. This organisation was created so that suffering people can find consolation more easily, so they can feel better and think in a better way. Silence and relaxation should pervade the ashram.

Bhagwan Ram will keep on existing until the sun and the moon exist. Recently, this name has proved barren. Among Hindus and among those belonging to other religions there are people who question this name. Well, the name Bhagwan Ram is not only mine. There has always been and will keep on existing. My name was given to some school institutions. This is an initiative taken by intellectuals that want to pocket something thanks to these ones. They keep on complaining because of the lack of funds. How could they ever get any funds? To respectable people funds come by themselves.

Wealth can attract wealth, but to attract nobility, wealth needs a lot of time. So my friends, it is not of the utmost importance that our ashrams placed somewhere else  have or not new buildings,  and it doesn’t even matter the question about who should occupy them. You would have been working in vain if you haven’t been able to turn a single person into a human being, if you haven’t read and meditated on the ashram’s literary production and you haven’t passed on to others.

The Samooh distinguishes itself for purposes and aspects that are well definite. What the Samooh aims at is not to be an irritating place. It is a place to reflect upon which negative thoughts must be given up, and how. And if you have been able to do that, reading is unnecessary. Why are we in such a miserable condition? Why are we so unhealthy? Which is the reason why we are so willing to fight each other?  

Life, my kids, is something without equal. You must try to gain a good reputation back thanks to your will to get along well and bettering the relations and not beginning to speak bad about everybody. The way you keep on being consumed inwardly, makes me think you are possessed by some obscure demoniac spirit. I suppose it is the effect of your unfortunate habitual attendances. Your inability to fight this obscure demoniac spirit keeps you constantly away from your inner life. Be careful! Otherwise your end will come with an early death and after you there will be no one who will start telling your story. In a week from your death even your sons will remove your name from the papers. Did you notice the forts and the palaces of Maharajas and those of the riches? They are in ruin and in darkness. Look instead at the sadhu’shut near the hill. Sadhu’s soul still permeates it. People stay there even now and breath in peace.

Well my friends, this Samooh was founded to show the right path to people who lost themselves. In the essence of the Samooh you must catch a glimpse of the essence of the Great Unknown. Only then you can be a real representative of the Samooh. Only then you can save yourselves and your soul from decay.

Life is short. Faith sustains the world. To start a new religion has never been a goal  the Samooh aimed at. Samooh’s goal has been instead to create the conditions that allow you to meet holy souls and to communicate with them. Unfortunately you ruined yourselves. What disaster is left to be done yet? Brothers are fighting their own brothers, relatives their own relatives. Sadhus are the only ones left to brighten life. Be a twig at least. A drowning man holds on to a twig. If you are able to lead one or two persons on the straight path, your life won’t have been lived in vain.

When we were born we got our hands joined, but you certainly didn’t take much time to wave them violently, to grasp a piece of wood. You have forgotten the promise you made the moment you were born (Who am I? Who am I?). You gave up searching. Is this the reason why the Great Unknown set you free from filth? Why do you want to end up in hell? 

This organisation was founded to give you the opportunity to purify yourselves, and to allow other ones to do the same. You don’t need a crowd for this task. Ten people, even two, could do this work. If you are looking for crowd then your place is Mughalsarai railway station.

As I’ve been living among the people of the sacred bank of the Ganges in Kashi, I saw and met the so-called famous saints, sadhus, pandits and disciples that live there. Seeing their behaviour I noticed and observed the terrible wickedness, tendencies, jealousy and wicked feelings they are full of. That is why I love to live in this village of Shakradhar (Sogra) in Madhya Pradesh, deep in the tribal forest among the simple and pure people of this area. Is it maybe inferior the good reputation of this area compared to that of Kashi and  the sacred banks of the Ganges, where people’s behaviour give a life-model absolutely unacceptable? Now, I don’t think it is fair to repeat the errors. If I think about  the new generations that will be tomorrow’s society, I wonder: but where will these people lead these new citizens? My heart breaks when I see that, fighting each other like bulls, great sages, saints, sadhus, pandits, qualified school professors, important university secretaries, students and teachers, let vanish this way the good reputation and the fame of the holy city of Kashi and of the Ganges. That is why I consider a big honour to live here among these simple and pure primitives tribes, and I consider the members of this social group as the community I belong to. I love to live among these not deteriorated people, who live safe in her own traditional culture and civilization and who are the living idol of tolerance, respect and moderation. Apart from this, I don’t have other reasons for living here. Kashi and the Ganges will never be a place of emancipation and spiritual redemption until their propensity to quarrels, jealousy, hate and mutual mortification are not removed from there. This hope cannot be disregarded. Yes, it is legitimate to pray for this. You can expect a life-model devoid of these things living among the simple and hard-working people of the village of Shakradhar, engaged in the regular performance of their own duties. Living among them there is the chance to find a great living example of warmth, friendship and mutual cooperation; these things can even give us our redemption.

I feel sad seeing the conditions of the houses of the gods. Seeing how the priests of the temples, of the churches and of the mosques act, the respect of the followers who go to these places has ceased, turning into disrespect. These priests, mullahs and fathers of the temples, of the churches and of the mosques turned these places into a grazing land. They speak and do their duty, but when they don’t get many offerings of money from their devotees, these priests etc. reprimand their own devotees accusing them of being selfish. It is not possible at all that people’s faith can revive in these houses, until these places of God are not set free from such priests with animal character. Sun may rise in the West, a camel may climb on a roof, sky may get down on the ground, but the behaviour of these arrogant priests may never be ideal. In the future, our next generations will not forgive at all these pandits, priests, mullahs and fathers.