Unmuni is the comprehension of Pran


17 February 198O
Shri Sarveshwari Samooh, Paraw, Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

Darshi! The other evening I met again that homeless sadhak Sambhav! At that moment the rays of the setting sun further adorned the pleasant face of that complex ascetic turned towards the west. The sun itself, compared with him, seemed to have forgotten its own form. I heard that young ascetic yelling in a serious voice. I replied to him smiling: “Young ascetic, you are late”. He said: “Dada, since this morning a lot of insincere people have been gathering around me and they have been telling me about their several sufferings imploring with their hands joined. To remove their afflictions and make them happy I was telling them about simple things and I was even speaking seriously. In spite of what I was saying, I realized, hearing what their words were revealing, that they refused to accept what I was telling them, in fact it seemed to me they were happy to keep those miseries.  As they were maybe unwilling to remove these miseries, they will not be excused if they go to Saints and Sages to implore and pray them; even this is a purpose to gain the attention of Saints and great souls”.

Sambhav, the harsh ascetic, was telling the same things because he was late. I had this experience too, on meeting these so-called arrogant disciples, people and followers. They are hypocrite and they act pretending there are no other sadhaks or devotees apart from them. This is why I am not surprised of what the young sadhak was saying. Oh Darshi Baba! Everyone knows that falsity is like garbage that has to be left.

Darshi, the sadhak Sambhav asked: “Dada, which is that thing we are lacking and with which we can adorn, ennobling with its own ornament, the energy of life in our own existence?” I answered laughing: “Where there’s no heart, there is not even the end of privations. Only the end of privations is the whole aspect of the heart, just like the end of the day will never be the day itself and the end of the night will never be the night itself. The absence of day is called night and the absence of night is called day”.

Darshi! The young ascetic, the harsh ascetic, the sadhak Sambhav, according to conditions and time, are names of the same form.

Darshi! Kalkut city, god of Parvati, is linked to and protected by Aughar-Kapalikas, Aghoreshwar and god Ganesh. It is auspicious, sweet, calm, friendly and beautiful. Fruits, flowers and leaves of that place live mutually in a graceful way, their colours, flavours, shapes, weights and measures are incomparable.

Darshi! Regard that place where the same situation arises as Kalkut itself, surrounded by great boundaries, where Aghoreshwar Mahakapaleshwar dwells and is renowned.

Ah Darshi! It’s amazing how heavenly the figure of sadhak Sambhav was when the rays of the sun coming from west were projected on his face. Oh, this world is gradually dragged into the funeral pyre. As they don’t know what Pran is, the many ones who came before have advanced towards the funeral pyre and they’ve been burnt.

You can see that. Worship Pran. As we are deeply attached to our life (Pran), we would protest and promptly defend ourselves if someone, after picking up some stones, threateningly ran after and insulted us. If there wasn’t life inside the body, then there wouldn’t be any reaction to insults or to the threat of being hit by stones or to the fact of being ignored.

Darshi! You have to know one thing, after one is free from the attention of being present to himself (awareness) and from the state of sleep or unconsciousness, there Pran manifest itself and, having settled inside us through the practice of its preservation, it will rise in our body as a new discovery, which is a true and real dimension. In that mental state no embarrassment, restlessness or suffering that any attack or provocation could normally cause will be perceived. This state is called “Unmuni”.

When the sadhak feels he isn’t either asleep or aware, either conscious or unaware, either he owns something or renounces, in that state the knowledge of what exists or not is reflected in the sadhak. At that moment, permeated and attuned to the Pran, he becomes very happy. In the scriptures this state is called “Unmuni”.

Darshi! You should know that lack of virtue is called sin and lack of sin is called virtue; where both are missing, that condition is called “mind without opposition”. In such a mind there are also the splendour and prosperity of the comprehensive mind. This is described also as the perception of the power of life. Darshi! Know it! You will know it.