The inner dialogue with the Divine


Every week we try to increase the thirst for our knowledge so that it can keep lit up. If this fire dies out many important aspects of human life stop existing and so the dispelled humanity of human beings turns them into something else. These tendencies take such a turn that a man cannot even be classified as a beast because many of his actions become violent. Even if he stays in a place, he doesn’t settle there, his inner being runs without rest on all sides. This man becomes like a ghost: although he can see everything, he cannot get rid of his desires. Thirst for knowledge, made clear in human existence, stops when it is tied to too many knots. These knots make human being weak and human being isn’t able to take any initiative. Such man isn’t able to make up his mind. Led by his ephemeral personal desires, with this way of thinking, he starts to ruin the society and his mind is always inattentive and absent. Because of this poisoning of the mind, this man is deprived of the only priceless thing: peace, that supreme peace. Then for him every good thing seems poisonous and he is fascinated by negative things. This man become very scrupulous about listening to and seeing negative things. By his false careless words and by spitting venom, he poisons his unpolluted life and the life of others, too. As an arrow that, once shot, cannot come back anymore, so everything we end by saying cannot be destroyed even if we try and try again. It isn’t possible to correct something like that. So, before saying anything, we have to be careful to understand which effect, good or bad, it may have. We would be very kind to ourselves if we sheltered our life from poisoning, otherwise, by acting differently, a man betrays himself and cannot forgive himself anymore. God and the Guru can forgive him, but he cannot forgive himself. A saint isn’t like an ordinary teacher. A saint will talk to you about things that may happen in your ordinary life but a teacher can even tell things that you will never be able to carry out, to see put into practice and brought into the society, and that will never belong to your behaviour. You can learn a lot of things from good people, from saints, from great souls even sitting with them quietly. From their character and behaviour, even if they don’t say anything to you, you can draw inspirations and make your life worthy. The one who cannot do this, isn’t able to mould his behaviour on the basis of the model his Guru represents or on the basis of divine inspiration, and regrets this inability of his. Such a man loses his sense of direction in his life. Scoundrels he has inside despoil him.  Now can we protect ourselves from ourselves? The question I asked is strange but crucial. We have good families, food and other material comforts people want but we aren’t satisfied, we aren’t serene. Our self compelled us to believe that all these comforts and the seeming happiness are the consequence of our efforts; if that is the case, many people have reached the end of their life working very hard, but they haven’t been able to get anything. On the other hand there are many people who, without working hard, are enjoying every material comfort. But the things we are enjoying aren’t really good, they are physical trappings we couldn’t even enjoy while we are spending the limited moments of our life. Our life is rolling by very fast, it doesn’t come back for us. Everything is changing and is changing day by day. Our body, clothes, life style, everything is changing; what was, doesn’t come back anymore. That being the case, if we aren’t careful with ourselves we keep betraying ourselves, then we won’t be able to forgive ourselves anymore. We will feel very sorry. So, with concentration, we should try to calm our mind through meditation. Without letting our inner self to be distracted and by meditating seriously, many knots which our life is tied to start to come loose. We will go through our existence without being touched by the unendurable suffering of death and illness that usually we feel. We will be unperturbed by the bad with the good we see all around. But if we keep doing meaningless things, we won’t profit by these ones. The treasure we have, the treasure of life, event this one would run out. When this treasure has run out, our senses or all we say is ours, will turn against us. They will become our worst enemy and haunt us like ghosts. They will wound us with the arrows of their words. Instead of saying pleasant things, it will be as if their disgusting words were cutting us into pieces as knives and sabres do. Something like that will do harm and the person will be frustrated. So in that frustration he lets the arrows of his words go and the effect is explosive. The situation ends up being like a match that is lit by scraping it against the abrasive paper of the box that contains it. We all have our matches on. If we keep hitting them pointlessly the load of many needs and desires, lying like hay, will light and will burn any positive thought, action or behaviour we have, and it will poison our life. If we can protect ourselves from that, let’s do it. So let’s try to meditate. Free your mind for a moment, ease your hearth, relax your body, fix your attention between eyebrows and suspend your breath in every phase for a few seconds. Practice Pranav before and after this exercise. Baba made the people gathered there meditate this way for three minutes, then explained the mystery of breath. He said that having constantly a too extended breath isn’t good. Your breath should be controlled. Ten centimetres long breath calms your mind. Usually twenty centimetres long breath is more evident in those people assailed by sensual desires. In those with only little time to live, breath has a thirty centimetres long emission, and their breath is quick and gasping. In those ones you start to sense the signs of those who are dying. If you are constantly aware of your breath extension and how much its extension should be, then you will be constantly aware of yourselves. Remembering your breath always, if you want to make sure of the success or of the failure of what you are about to undertake, if during breathing you find that your right nostril is prevailing, you can be sure of the success of the action you are going to undertake. If that isn’t the case and you check that right nostril’s respiratory flow is lesser and that left nostril’s flow is prevailing during breathing out, it means that all your efforts will be frustrated and the initiative you have undertaken won’t succeed. These are simple things you should learn. Stay aloof, and after sitting, free your mind, observe your breathing. During worship or Mantra repetition, breath exhales a sort of smoky figures. You should observe those figures to see if that is the image you are meditating on, whether it is yours or not, or if it is something you think has to happen later. You will know exactly what your breath is trying to say to you. This is a thing that requires only practice, with practice it becomes very easy. It can be a little hard if you have never experienced it. But  if you are really curious and practise this exercise, it isn’t hard at all. The one who tries this experience, understands everything and, with practice, learns everything. A man like this will be able to control much better his senses, too. The way to divine crosses the houses of those who stay quiet and meditate inwardly. If you visit a saint, he won’t say anything to you. But you can weigh him through his behaviour and his activities. Only if you observe his expressions carefully, his attitude, what is doing and when, what he is like in certain moments, and you compare yourselves on this basis, then you are able to understand him. But if our point of reference isn’t the saint but some people with a dubious character, then we aren’t able to understand him.  Usually we are very busy keeping ourselves in the darkness and blaming the others. If you can avoid these things, your life will turn out to be very fruitful. This will be a relief in this life and in the afterlife. In a sense we were better when we were ignorant, we didn’t deceive anyone and anyone didn’t even deceive us. We started to hide our defects since we became wise. When we weren’t able to realize our defects, we lived contented. We wandered in a naked abandon. Those times don’t come back anymore. They have gone away. Now it is beasts that are wandering. In our Sunday best with nice clothes on, we are worse than animals, because animals are faithful to regularity and rhythm of things of nature. Instead of begetting children of worth, we just reproduce. Those who are born this way make us sad, and as soon as they can do that, they run away. Though naked, animals are their own master. Even though human beings have covered everything, they aren’t their own master yet. That’s why we cannot forgive ourselves for what we end by doing. Only those who are wise and understand, want to know and thirst for knowledge. By meditating God, they become just like God. And then there are the human beings who live like beings going on all fours. Even among animals, like a saint, tiger lives free in the jungle and is respected for this. There are other animals that are chained in a cowshed and suffer. To relieve life’s troubles, you should visit saints, great souls, true temples, and draw inspiration from them. Try to avoid a life full of abuses and frustration. I hope you understand these things, because you all are very wise. And besides, you may not understand, too. With these words I bow to the Goddess in you and I say goodbye to you.