The Mother is an invisible presence

We all would like to see God, the divine power in the form of the Mother Bhagwati or energy (Shakti). What we want to know is how, when and where.

You could start by going back to your village, where Gods’ message still reach people. If you go there with your mind open you must learn something.

Leave the home of despair of those who are profane. Focus your thoughts toward the hills and pray at the first rosy splendour of daybreak or at last golden rays of dusk, when the Shakti forms in the air. Enjoy the miracle of every new day and enjoy its passing. Make the sacrifice for the Gods. Repeat your beloved’s name. In moments like these through the air you will be filled with energy.

What a  lot of joy, what a lot of hope the presence of the Mother inspires in the air we breath! Our happiness reach the height inside ourselves, then it flows toward the horizon. We become the mountain, the call of a bird, a blade of grass. So, mantras spurt deep in your hearts until our real being expresses praises to God.

You may have noticed how monkeys are devoted to their mother and how she gathers them around her as if they were little children. Do you think She cannot love you in the same way?

But unlike monkeys, as human beings, morality is our duty. It won’t make you forget your mistakes. Small mistakes can be corrected easily, big mistakes have their own place. I will talk about my big mistakes to God and to the Bhagwati.

You should admit your bad habits and be willing to change. Work for your balance. Control your senses. Keep your diet regular. Be kind to the others. Speak when you have something to say, otherwise stay quiet. See good people and be never afraid of trying again after a halt. You must keep in mind all this if you want to know the presence of the Goddess.

A Vedic priest (brahmin) with despicable thoughts is meaner than a vile, but an untouchable (harijan) with noble sentiments is an aristocrat. Character, neither class nor caste, is the standard criterion. The Mother is always fair. We must only obey divine law, listen to the inner voice.

Only if puja (prayer ritual) is deep and meticulously done, it is successful. Take what you need for your rituals: sandal paste for the forehead, red powder (to be put in the hair for married women), flowers, rice and water. Don’t worry if you forget what comes first. The true worship has already taken place in your heart before you sat. If you approach the worship with the right spirit, you will be the beloved child of the Mother, of the Bhagwati. Let your prayer be: Everything I have is yours.

Be confident that the Mother looks after you and pray so that she guides you instead of praying to her for a reward. Mother’s blessing is what really matters. O Mother, give me the strength to get all this.

At certain moments it is possible to have a vision of good that remains with you forever. Don’t give up if it doesn’t come easily. An event you haven’t hopes of experiencing isn’t so rare. Good belongs to you completely, it just waits to be required. Devotion for your Guru, love for your companions and worship lead you to the Mother. But your meditation must be done with strong intensity, with courage, patience and complete calm.

You can ask the Goddess to satisfy the four essential goals of human life: prosperity, the honesty that pleases the divine, the attainment of love and the final liberation from rebirths (Artha, Dharma, Kama, Mokscia).

A married man only has to be faithful to his wife in order to be chaste. By refusing your conjugal duties, you don’t earn anything from a spiritual point of view. If you give them up you may find that you have sacrificed wisdom and good sense. Let the nature’s gift play its very role.

The Mother Bhagwati was a visible deity for Rama, Krishna and other enlightened souls (Paramhamans), they all lived with their wives normally. You can try and be worthy of the Devi equally if you make mind, heart and action a trinity.

The Mother is around us in a countless series of shapes. She comes even in the form of sleep to make us rest. Whoever can see the Mother in every thing doesn’t need to concentrate beyond these ones. Why should anyone  act this way? If someone closes his eyes, he stops his vision, it is as if he dropped the curtain.