Guru Purnima:

Tribute to the Divine Master.


Stay serene and concentrated in your mind, leave your negative thoughts out of this holy place, now focus your mind in your heart and don’t listen to the thought that takes you away from the divine and true real being.

Concentration in your heart and appropriate breathing, position while you are sitting, and it is essential to abandon negative feeling and thought if you really want to receive Divine’s word into your heart and into your mind. 

Divine reality is supreme reality and it can be understood only through your own Mantra and through the divine vision every human being could have and develop if he was really able to leave his everyday life, the heaviness of this life of dream in order to realize the divine and perfect vision to arrive at the true reality of the very life.  

The mind takes the human being far away from the true reality and very often your life takes you inside the dark wave of this very humanity that doesn’t understand the reality of the Divine and simply lives in the ephemeral vision of the ordinary life of a human being. Your being could give you perfect vision and constant balance in every moment of your life in this non-reality of life of dream, simply you are forgetting your real being to live in the heaviness of your material being.

The divine practice you have been given could lead you to realize your conscious and divine real being if you really experience it within your deep being, but the practice very often is lived as it was an instrument you need when you are in difficulties.

Stay seated, focused in your heart, free your mind of any thoughts, start breathing so that you may understand the key that can takes you inside your very Mantra and realize the constant and true divine vision.

Through the practice you can find the Divine and Supreme Being who is celebrated today in different forms of celebration, I tell you that the Divine Guru or Teacher is Omnipresent Essence that lives in your heart if your feeling towards the Guru really is divine and loving.

Sometimes words aren’t useful for understanding what the real being can give you and teach; I myself have given through the ability to understand and realize with no need for words or the same language.

Now after long time you should control your speech, and your thought in order to go deep into your heart through pure and true real feeling. You have the key to entering the divine world, don’t abandon this gift to live in the mediocrity of this world of dream.

Today the Supreme Master is celebrated through the divine essence of His very being, I Aghoreshwar lived in this world of dream and in this world I still am to realize what the Divine will wants to see expressed in this dark world.

Divine light is inside every human being but most humans cannot understand, realize and see their own divine light and ability to be the very divine expression in this dark world.

I tell you time is a whiff of wind and earthly life flies without you really being able to realize yourself deeply and truly, if you neglect your practice, if you don’t develop your divine loving feeling through your Mantra, real gift and gift of love itself.

Today, day of the Guru, is a day to be spent inside my joyful happiness, inside my divine expression in this world of dream and inside your will to understand and realize what the Master of this place has given to you with feeling and divine will itself.  Don’t listen to the thoughts in your mind that can just take you inside the darkness of your human being and take you away from your divine knowledge.

Approaching meditative practice is a pure act of love in the consciousness of your real being, purify the place before sitting, purify your mind which is full of negative waves, purify your heart and within your divine balance you will reach your real being.

These are my words, I am and will always be with you all. In your everyday life you should understand the difficulties in your life and through your own practice you could have the vision to take your very action. Don’t let negative thoughts lead you and start understanding that the divine Mantra is an instrument of power for your own life if you practice and realize it with will, your purity, a fresh mind and depth inside your real feeling for you and for all the souls living around you.

These are my words, I am and will always be with you all in every happy moment and in hard or heavy moments, I am always with you helping and blessing you.

Now take leave and resume your spiritual work.

Pranam to you all, meditation is concentration, purity of heart and mind in order to reach the perfect balance so that your Mantra will lead you into the true and deep divine reality.