Shri Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram

Prakrithik Chikitshalaya



The ashram hospital, dedicated to Shri Aghoreshwar and called Prakrithik Chikitshalaya, is the structure born to give medical treatment to the poorest classes of Varanasi and of the neighbouring areas. Opened at the end of 1999, it allowed to provide a large number of needy persons with an important sanitary aid.


Waiting for medical Check Up


The ashram stands on a previously rural and suburban area of the city where fishermen, evacuees and refugees live in straitened material and hygienic circumstances, in accommodations that can be hardly defined makeshift. In this kind of settlings there are no toilets, water and first aid clinics.



The expenses a person must face to get basic medical treatment are almost always out of his reach. These persons can die for even ordinary reasons because they usually don’t have the chance to care of their health. Among these classes infant mortality is very high.

Doct. P. K. Singh in O. T.


The top priority after the foundation of the centre was to provide support for sanitary needs of this poorer classes.



The centre has a casualty department, an operating theatre equipped in a modern manner to face serious operations, a paediatric consulting room for the children of our school and for the poor persons of the neighbourhood, a dental surgery for children, elderly and whoever is in need, an ultrasound room with a new equipment.


Doct. R. K. Singh, Medical Camp in Bihar


The hospital makes the annual vaccination campaigns that are necessary in this area, family planning campaigns and works as guidance centre.

Doct. R. Singh, Gynaecologist and Surgeon


The ophthalmological division is the pride of the hospital but also general surgery gets by. The dental division principally treats our children but also poor people coming to the ashram.

Cataract Operation


The ayurveda, homeopathy, acupuncture and naturopathy division has steam baths, hydrotherapy and magnetotherapy.


Doct. A. K. Mishra during Acupuncture


The medical staff also includes a gynaecologist women and girls can ask to for their problems. The ashram promotes family planning among these poor families where there are many childbirths.

Doct. Praveen, dentist


Doctors are all volunteers and highly considered local professionals and lecturers working for free, providing the society with a service of inestimable value. During favourable seasons the medical staff makes external medical camps to get distant areas where dozen poor elderly persons and children can be seen and treated accordingly.


Medical Camp in Bihar


Usually doctors work on the spot in unacceptable structures but if circumstances allow that, dozen patients can get the ashram on a set day, undergoing the necessary operations and leaving after a few days under observation.



The centre produces some ayurvedic remedies such as the famous Chyawanprash, the vegetable tonic-antioxidant, ancient rishi’s cure, and some therapeutic oils.

Preparation of Chyawanprash in Ashram