Who is the Aughar?

One day the disciple presented himself before Aghoreshwar and with due respect got ready to ask Him a question. Even before he could ask, Baba, catching what was crossing disciple’s mind, addressed him with the following words:

Son, if you have some scepticism I cannot eradicate it but if you have a question I will be certainly able to answer about it. Have you ever heard that the one who is doubtful never achieves his goal? Sceptic destroys himself. There can be a period in which you have misgivings, but you must have heard that without a very strong faith there cannot be success. Aughars don’t remain in doubt. If somebody has just been initiated, in this phase he has naturally misgivings. But Aughar ascetics don’t have a consciousness limited to the body, they are absorbed in the consciousness of the soul (of the Self) and with decision they reach significant levels. They become so kind that their voices have nothing but gentleness. Their vocabulary doesn’t know provocative and demeaning words or words that spread enmity. There, such words cannot even be conceived. Every time you meet with this kind of people think of them as the ones who have been blessed by Kapaleshwar (the Great Unknown who is in the universe, the spirit of Aghoreshwar). Because of their unbreakable faith and respect, human afflictions don’t trouble them. Aughar ascetics are impeccable persons who don’t like to see discord spreading. Their usual behaviour is based on the sense of friendship, on mutual sympathy and on being on reciprocal relationship with real fondness.

Aughar ascetics haven’t any particular look, they aren’t relegated to any social circle, caste or religion. They don’t even trouble themselves about eating and accept anything arriving on their way. An Aughar’s life is a life of “Realization without acts”, they don’t carry out anything and don’t let anything to be realized. Following this principle of “Realization without acts” they stay on a condition where there is no disapproval and criticism, they stay fast absorbed in their deep practices and respect everything. Other people can cheat them but they never cheat and show respect for the others without any pride. To dress they can use abandoned pieces of cloth and, if necessary, clothes that has been thrown into the rubbish. They use things nobody uses anymore. Aughars give up alcohol, sex, lying and cheating. They keep reminding themselves and others that, seeking solace in them, fear of being attacked by the weapons of sensuality, rage and yearning is continuous, therefore they stray from these things. On the contrary an Aughar ascetic is constantly busy with showing something for other people’s good and they don’t care about worldly differences like race, skin colour or religion.

Aughar tradition is referable to Aughar state of consciousness. This state is achieved by the noble person keeping eager to offer respect and get faith through the favour of teachings and initiation obtained by the Guru. Just like a rude person is possessed by evil because she is used to thinking in a negative way, so a well-bred ascetic becomes an image of great peace and calm as he contemplates Brahman. The one who uses a pleasant talk becomes disciplined, noble and beneficial words flow continuously from his speeches.

The Aughars who in the name of Aghoreshwar become vainly proud have gone astray and they are ruined. They would do anything for the minor advantages. They aren’t exemplar models and that is why brilliant people detest them. In the opinion of many, this kind of people has never attained liberation from the cycle of rebirths. Oh son, the one who is just conscious of his body needs the final liberation from the cycle of rebirths, not the one who is conscious of his soul. The one who is conscious of Brahma doesn’t need such a particularity. One like that stay fully absorbed in the exploration of soul, blessed inside the Self and in pleasant company. Have you ever heard that saying: “Be for twelve years at least among people who give up worldly things and then you will learn a slang”? The word “slang” refers to those calming speeches of the experienced ones. Just with the vibrations of those speeches, without any ritual, worship or pranayama, you can feel what glory, completeness and currents like electricity are. All those things belonging to consciousness nature are achieved through the real stream of the contemplation.

According to the more widespread conviction, Aughars don’t abstain from alcohol and meat but that is not how things stand. They never incite themselves or the others to these habits. It is different when they prescribe something, in a manner of speaking, to someone suffering from the cold or in a bad physical condition. Anyway, any medicine is taken in moderation. Meat is never eaten as if it was a plate full of rice, and alcoholic drinks are never drunken like a jug full of water.

You must have heard about left hand practice. Left is the side of the ones we love or of the special ones. All the great men in the past, like Dattatreya, Abhinavagupta, Aghor Bhairavcharya, Kalu Ram and Maharaj Sri Kina Ram achieved their stature following the straight path. If the way you find is bumpy, you can fall and break your limbs. Lesions can appear. Other vehicles can run over you when you fall down. This is very likely to happen.

Seeing an Aughar is like having a temporary appearance of Shiva himself. Aughars are not only fair but also objective. In their greatness they agree to have social relationships with everyone. They haven’t the aptitude to classify as well as sun, moon, fire and earth  haven’t it. Just like moon, earth, fire and wind aren’t here for any particular religion, social class, caste or country, so the Aughar who has achieved the stage of fairness acts for everyone’s good.

Aughars aren’t slaves to a slothful mind, their virtues and their modesty are for everyone’s good. Those qualities of the Aughars helps everyone to control the sudden changes of the mind and it follows that mad thoughts and absurd bents diminish.

Son, you must learn and remember this all.