Silence protect us

According to the Hindu calendar we are entering the new year. On this occasion I give my love, affection and respect to all of you. May the Divine Mother protect all the earth’s inhabitants, give us strength and good health. This festival, whose observance we are practising, is extremely loving, kind, sweet and it is beyond mind comprehension.

This observance teaches us to join together the palms of our hands, it teaches us to be kind and respectful one another. It teaches us to sit down and be silent. Observance of being silent, while we sit together, enriches us with substance and depth, which are important in our lives. This occasion urges us to keep restlessness away from our lives.

Friends, that thing called worship, known with many names and procedures, has its realization when we give up our cunning. Excessive cunning makes a person very weak and miserable; it opens the door of ignorance. Excessive cunning compels us to surrender to evil and we keep on suffering. The clever one thinks that no one can realize that he is like that, and he rejoices in what he is doing. All things considered, the result is never good. History witnesses it.

On the contrary, our worship, meditation, contemplation and silence protect us from misery and obstacles. Our silence doesn’t urge us to get near to wickedness. It’s for this reason that realized beings give much importance to the contemplation of the “Great Unknown” or every saint name, they give importance to the repetition of the Mantra given by the Guru. With our Mantra for company, we are able to hold all those things which have substance. Such a thing is inestimable, nothing can be compared to it.

Modern minds can even define it as a faked thing or a simulation, but it isn’t so. It’s our wrong judgement that leads us astray. Our wrong judgement spreads just like poison and causes a negative behaviour; it directs shafts on us. Shafts are nothing but our wrong judgement, misdeeds and bad management of our life. Far away from these things, these nine days of hardships take us nearer to ourselves. Friends! We strayed miles and miles away from ourselves. It is as if we don’t exist.  I wonder what we have become and what we will be. Do we really have to be like that? Why do we act despicably? This observance of hardships protects us from all this.

Friends! We live in a propitious land, wherever we turn our eyes we find sainthood. Good souls were born on this land and we are lucky enough to be in contact with them. Our land is full of tales and stories of saints and sages able to give inspiration. Our elders, by telling these stories, give rise to virtue and character inside us. They encourage us to union and protect us from mutual hate. They inspire us so that we can become as the mythical philosopher’s stone (Paras), which doesn’t make a distinction between the iron of a slaughterhouse and the iron of a temple. When they are touched by the philosopher’s stone, they both turn into gold.

The same way, no matter in which life condition you are, surely a change will happen inside you. You will experience that change inwardly. The people you meet will be touched by your kindness and education. Your being will lead others to think how kind you are. Your head is always bended (as a sign of respect), wickedness never appears and you are not aggressive or loquacious. An aggressive person poisons himself with loquacity; weakness appears inside him and compels him to do undesirable things.

This moment of the year, when we meet to give up certain things we usually do and we contemplate that Great Unknown, protects us from these weaknesses. On such an occasion our contemplation, silence and sweets words expressed either for the good of self and for the good of others, let us ascend to the level of Gods and high beings. These features never go unnoticed. Nobody feels himself encouraged to damage such a person. Being in the presence of such a being, we protect ourselves from malevolence and obtain all these virtues.

At the moment when jealousy, hate and enmity inside us are cancelled, the arrows shot by malevolence cannot touch us. These arrows are pointed only towards those busy in proving that they are very smart and engaged in taking advantage of others with fraud. So, on this occasion, all we have to learn is: “I know nothing, and this is all I know. I rely on the protection of that Great Unknown. Whichever the thing that inspires me in that condition is, I will carry it out and it is enough for me. About this, there is no change of mind.”

The teaching of practising in silence we received from our Gurus, protects us from many quarrels and squabbles. Sitting in silence and peace, we stare at that conscience, that vastness, and we consider that this whole creation is a game of that “Infinite”. The void between sky and earth is a womb and we occupy a little strip of this vastness. This whole creation is a grouping of trees of different conscience and aspect, in the same garden we can find plants of different kind. Through our identification we can get all  we like; in this garden we can pick honey at will.

Today I am not able to talk to you over much. I bow to what is worthwhile, the divinity  lying inside you, that everybody needs in his life, and I take my leave.