Master’s ambrosia


To become a hindu, a muslim, a buddhist, a christian or a saint man, a politician or even a spiritual person it is not so important as to become first of all a human being.

“I am smart, everybody is awed by me, I fool everybody, everybody stoops his head in front of me.” We should not even look at these detestable ways of being nor we should be tempted to take that kinds of attitude.

In a true religion there is love, compassion, kindness, tolerance and indulgence. A religious man is not thirsting for blood. In no circumstances a true religion promotes any sort of violence. But I see people of the same nation, disciples of the same Guru fighting each other. People busy in those actions can never be called as true followers, even if they are so-called hindus, muslims, christians and so on. Big traditions never teach a similar behaviour. There is a great need for humility and tolerance. If you greet someone with your hands joined and you make as if to bow, this has an immediate effect on the other person, she becomes even more humble. On the contrary if you point your finger at the others , the one who is targeted becomes defensive. While you point your finger at another person, if you notice, you are pointing three fingers at you. When we are about to insult someone or we are going to say something wrong about them, even before you open your mouth, observe how repulsive yourheart, your mind and your whole being become. I believe you noticed that.

At the same time an Aghor Guru gives a Mantra, he burns all that is connected to the past karma and so he enables us to begin all over again on the base of a clean starting point. Starting from that moment it’s up to us to water the seed of Mantra constantly with the water of love, with the water of faith and the water of constant practice. Such weeds as doubt, laziness and so on, should be kept under control, and the crop should be protected from the storm of hate, from that of rage, from the storm of excessive longing and from that of greed.

The actions of a sadhu are never egoistic. Sadhu is the servant of humanity. Regarding the work he carries out in favour of the others, a sadhu should never expect anything in return. The service we do with this attitude, is the real worship of God. A sadhu acts as a support and a guide to raise again who fell. A sadhu is not one who, claiming to be closer to God, sits by himself and who, boasting his superiority, takes a disgusted attitude.

Say “Om – Om -Om”, empty your mind, relax your body, let the filth contained in you come out and inwardly give free access to the positive divine qualities. This is called “personal psychotherapy”, it is in this way, it is with this word that it’s called. Do it every day. You will discover new things.

Penance or rigour is not the act of lying down on a bed of nails or the act of subjecting your body to unnecessary hardships and efforts. Penance is the practical realization of good behaviour and self control instead.

Mother is around us in a infinite succession of forms. She even comes under the shape of sleep to give us rest. Anyone who sees the mother in everything, he doesn’t need to concentrate apart from these things. Why should one act like this? If he close his eyes, he stops his own vision like a curtain falling on it.

Samooh thinks that the help to bring to humanity is not to be limited only to material help, even if it is important. The opinion of the Samooh is that together with the aspect of purely material assistance, it is of much help for humanity to offer an excellent behaviour. Linking these two aspects represents a real complete help for everybody and it is also what distinguishes this association.

You should admit your faults and be willing to change. Work for balance. The use of senses must be kept under control. Keep your diet regular. Be kind to the others. Speak when you have something to say otherwise keep quiet. Keep good company and don’t be afraid to start again after a stop. You must keep all this in your mind if you want to know the presence of the Mother.

It seems like if you don’t follow what I say; or, if you do it, then you make something different; when trying to do what I say, you don’t act the way you should act, it is no big wonder that you suffer.

Our Gurus and pious men focus their attention on the off lamp. The god of the crematory ground reminds you that body, that you hold in great esteem and that you are very proud of , the body you associate with honour and with all that you consider to be of your own, it is about to arrive at him. He warns you again and again saying that you don’t have much time in your hands and that your body is destined to die. The day you will discover your inwardness and that the ups and downs of life are bound to be, pain and pleasure won’t shake you. You will be quiet. It is this quiet that yogis named samadhi, a stage that great men described as the mind without desires and that Aughars and saints named Mahavibhuti.

Also moderation is part of worship. When you devote yourselves to the worship of Shakti, you cannot be united with the others or copy them. If you really wish to devote yourselves in the worship of Shakti you must look for the support of Shakti. You must keep the seed that under the shape of shakti is inside you.