Meeting with the Muslim Sadhu (Malang)


February 23rd-24th, 1982
Shri Sarveshwari Samooh Ashram, Parav, Varanasi

Dear Darshi, today, too, the Muslim sadhu looked for me and, at last, found me. After bowing, he expresses his curiosity using the following words: “You are a strange Oghar, before finding your home, you made me wander about and beg. This is the price I had to pay to be here before you. Oh Aghoreshwar! What’s the reason why my unhappy soul, without any reason, pushes my curiosity towards you and forces me to run irresistibly after you?”

I replied to him: “Oh Muslim sadhu, listen to me! Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Buddhists are completely limited by action because they were born in these religions.”

What will you do? Will you limit your action, too, or go ahead? If you go ahead, you will be able to know many other religions.  Muslim sadhu, curiosity rises from our unknowable. Being closed to our own inner vision forces to wander around ourselves.  A curious person will calm only when can he see his inner self, just as, looking down, one can see (contemplate) the mother earth.  If you are so closed towards yourself, you cannot find yourself. Thus your getting lost and roaming becomes inevitable. This doesn’t depend on being partially balanced as person. As a matter of fact, curiosity about this rises only in balanced persons. The reason is the lack of inner vision.

Pran is the dignity of glory. Not being familiar with it is the reason why one person keeps wandering out of himself. Like the traveller going on a long journey towards the unknown. Later, when this quest and this curiosity come to an end inside themselves and inside ourselves, Pran will become a natural part of the way the enlightened mind of that wandering person behaves. Enlightenment is achieved only through the sadhana of Pran. Sadhu, body is the source of Pran.  Being absorbed into Pran is to attain the great glory. Oh sadhu, after realizing the mental state of Enlightenment, the day, the night, the date, the month, the morning and the evening lose the value they usually have. It’s exciting to achieve that state.

Muslim sadhu, if you have suddenly started to look for something outof yourself, on the surface, then it means that what you are looking for does exist. Will you be able to find that thing? The thing you are looking for exists and doesn’t exist. Understanding it means to obtain knowledge.

How can the word of truth, “NA-I-TI” (infinite), be important? If you meet fools, you too will become a fool. One should not meet them. You must have heard the word “Pravini” (sanatan), “intelligent, old, traditional”. Well, this word is only half true. The other half of the truth, which you have considered as lost in the deep darkness, is right before you. It isn’t the cause of the fragrance of this nation, nor is it the cause of the destruction of the nation. What can destroy a nation is jealousy and hate. We are jealous of ourselves; otherwise why don’t we want to be freed from our imperfect condition? On the contrary, this condition changes when Kundalini takes its tail in its mouth, then it see the present and the future clearly. In that condition even the sight of a material thing, which is commonly considered as wonderful, doesn’t awaken any vibration in Kundalini. As mountains give themselves a form that makes them irregular, so living creatures have an erratic and seesaw behaviour. You know, human condition is just like this. The human being gets excited contemplating appearance, one’s Kundalini starts vibrating and then vomits the tail it has in its mouth, that is to say, it empties. This mistake makes one’s body weak. The sage (rishi) has said: “Don’t look at external appearance, don’t accept lust”. Only disinterested pleasure can help the soul.

Oh sadhu, men and women ignore the real importance of Mahashivaratri. Otherwise, for a momentary emotion, they wouldn’t rave for the desire of sex organs. Doing it, they put themselves in an anomalous position. The man who doesn’t allow lust, beauty and feminine charm to touch and affect his power, becomes free. Sadhu, realize that the one who becomes free is forever happy!  The outward contemplation of Shiva and Shakti doesn’t lead to realize any happiness or bliss.  This worship won’t certainly give any relief and success. Even this is an incomplete truth! Sadhu, these are the fruits of the outward adoration of Shiva and Shakti!

Sewer emanates always a disgusting scent. It is necessary to overturn this situation if we want to smell the delicious fragrance of perfume. It is because of the stink the sewer emanates that sages (rishis), sadhus, fakirs and Oghars tried to renounce, and they are still doing it, to family, society and charming women. The day they decide to abandon all these things, they will understand that they are expected to transform the nauseating scent of the sewer into a delicious fragrance. So they will avoid society and oppose these wrong tendencies that one day will come to an end. One day they will come back in society if they see that living at home, in society or out of it makes no difference anymore.

Accepting the “no” or the “among” is the same. Religions and historical different points of view don’t stand the test of time. Sadhu, could you hear the change of the roar of the lion? History repeats itself. What happened in ancient times can happen again, and it happened, exactly as it does in the new era.

Eyes need light. Darshi, encourage the Muslim sadhu, telling him these fundamental facts. Darshi, the only outward truth makes a sadhu unsatisfied and full of curiosity. Do you think that if the Muslim sadhu had achieved and experienced the last height of inner transcendental truth, he would be so curious?

Pran is the only complement of eternity, it has no beginning or end. Such an infinite is called Pran. Pran cannot be caught through the eyes or the contact, it is the homage to inner vibrations. Only saints can support the knowledge of it. So, if the Muslim sadhu asks how to know it, you will urge him to go to the land where the saints are. Saints have always been in this country and they will keep being here. If towards them the necessary respect and regard isn’t kept, the society in which they live will see the effects of indiscipline, distress and hostility. The houses, cities and countries where these great men and their virtues are lacking are oppressive places of rude people and earthly avidity.

Oh faithful Darshi, if there is no friendship or compassion, a country gives birth to weak and irreligious persons. Respect, consideration for Pran and recognition of Pran are the cult of the Enlightened God.