The other house (Aughar)

My son, if someone gives a dirty garment to a dyer to make it dye, no matter in which colour it is dipped, blue, yellow or red, at the end that garment will only take a bad colouring and the new colour will have evident stains. Why this?

Son, it should be understood how many misfortunes and adversities the dirty of the mind can bring with itself. If the dyer is given a clean garment, it is obvious that if it is dipped into a colour, whatever it is, the garment will take a colouring without any evident stain. Why this? Son, this is happening because the garment is clean. Just so my son, it should be understood that when there is purity of mind we are in an auspicious condition and our existential course is favourable.

Son, which are the diseases (the muck) of the mind?  Longing, hostility, rage, old family enmities, meanness, hardness, envy, hate, deceit, cunning, indifference, violence, pride, grudge, self-importance and negligence are diseases of the mind. My son, the one who is an Aughar give up longing, finding that longing itself is a disease of the mind. Hostility, rage, old family enmities, meanness, hardness, envy, hate, deceit, cunning, indifference, violence, pride, grudge, self-importance and negligence are typical diseases of mental poisoning. Having realized this, give up the diseases that are connected to mental poisoning. Having realized that longing  is a disease of the mind, Aughar gave up this very disease; giving up all mental diseases, with the utmost faith he becomes right for Aghoreshwar. I am divulging this thought to give a right and pure vision to all my disciples, son.

Not every inhabitant who is living inside the ashram is a Sadhu, a great man and an Aughar-Aghoreshwar. Thinking that someone has the same qualities of a great man and of an Aughar-Aghoreshwar because he is dressing like them, because he’s using mala (indian rosary) like them and he is sitting in the positions they are sitting, is ignorance. And this because also bulls, cows, dogs, men and different kinds of living beings are living in the ashram.

Ashram’s bulls and cows are tame, they don’t fight each other, they tend to respect each other and they honour one another. So even under a beast features can hide the qualities of human beings and Sadhus. But whichever human beings or Sadhus are those ones, if they fight in the features of human beings, if they have hate and envy one another, if they aim to offend each other and to despise each other , if they ignore each other and they are selfish, even if they are living in the features of human beings, the qualities of a beast are hiding inside them.

The person who even in the guise of a Sadhu criticizes, approaches others impolitely, speaks to the others in offensive way, doesn’t make friends with the inhabitants of the ashram, gives rise to enmity, tells lies, in fact  is one who hates and envies, so he is worst than a dog. A dog is living inside the ashram, so it protects this place, it doesn’t go away and neglect the place. It never despises the food available in the ashram. Such a dog is better than this kind of resident of the ashram, whoever they are, Sadhus or men, my son.

Navaratri is a very favourable period for them who are practicing an Aghor Mantra. In this period the more we repeat our Mantra, the more our Mantra will shine. In this period our Mantra charges itself, our friendship with Mantra intensifies. Repetition of Mantra purifies and strengthen our mind in the heart. This fulfills our sincere expectations and it gives a new direction to our existence. If we execute a program, we live in the way we should live.

Our Mantra is very effective. So as when we think about a tasty fruit its image occurs to our mind and it makes our mouth water, the same happens when you repeat a spiritual word (Mantra), very lofty tendencies appear in you, a new light, new inspirations automatically emerge in you. In this condition, Shakti, the divine Mother manifests Herself in front of you, She touches you, She puts garlands around your neck, She starts a new course inside you. In this condition you are given many things , what you receive cannot be expressed in words. That divine joy is a very high condition. The moment you attain Shakti, you’ll be taken towards the Upasana of the Divine as Mother, you will feel the union.

I say to you to remain inside the prayer and into the depth of your own Mantra. Many don’t understand yet the power your Mantra can give you and pass on for divine will. Nothing comes and nothing is due, don’t forget these words of mine. What you received is a divine gift and you must use it and understand it as a gift and above all you must keep it inside the divine and loving feeling. You don’t have to leave divine life to bring and to live only into everyday life of the human being. I bring these words to you so that your life doesn’t become a life spent only inside the uncertainty of the human being, inside the very sentiment of human and inside the non-divine vision.

Faith is one of the biggest virtues. Our austerity, Upasana and worship give fruits only after they have been fed by faith. We should inspire faith in the others, and we should strive after their confidence. Honestly, a farmer plants the seed in the ground and later he reaps a crop of extraordinary quantity.
The majority of the actions we do are based on faith. Our Mantra, practice and medicine don’t work without faith. After we received  our Mantra we should practice it with the utmost faith, only then we will be able to realize the power Mantra has and our existence will become significant. Faith is our biggest wealth. Faith is like an inspiration and a new life.

The Aughar is hateless; he doesn’t accept the poison of hate. It’s not that he doesn’t suffer pain in this world, but, having a body and living in a body, he experiences the same suffering of any other human being. Through the afflictions and the obstacles that slowly follow one another, he too seems to be shouting, moaning and suffering. But like the big snake, he drinks ambrosia slowly. He gets the help of compassionate souls.

The ones who remain far away from hate, from jealousy, from people spitting venom, belong to the “different House “ (Aughar).

The disciple who really believes in me, Aghoreshwar, is worthy of Mahakapalik Aghoreshwar’s grace. He is like a jewel amongst Aughar seekers, he is an Aghoreshwar’s precious gem.

The one who extinguishes hate and poison is known as Aughar.