Foundation of Samooh Italy


This speech by Shri Aghoreshwar was given in Italy during Baba’s visit to inspire the constitution of Shri Sarveshwari Samooh Italia.


“Now I wish to give to all my sons and to all the souls present here my blessing.

I am always here present in every moment and in every situation, in the life of spirit inside the soul, in your hearts, in the pure feeling into the deep. I am very happy in the union with all your souls. The  faith and pray, your feeling of union and your will to be successful in the spiritual path and on the way of  life of dream, makes Me very happy.

Your union is your will to be successful into my own will; what you are going now to undertake is even more demonstrative of your deep will of join in Aghoreshwar’s feeling. What now you are starting  in  name of  the family of Sarvershwari,it will be even more union for your souls and it will be help for your own souls into the full reaching of your deep and inside your own feeling. The help that you will bring it will be the help given to yourself, the feeling that you will offer it will be the same feeling offered to you. Give your availability, your time, your feeling for the help to all the souls, for the peace amongst all souls, for the union in the word and in the teaching and in the very feeling of Aghoreshwar. The Family of Sarveshwari  only in this way will shine and it will prosper inside the  true path and into the whole truth.

I say to you all to take part in the join and to share always united joyful situations and situations of sadness. Union is the only feeling that brings you to overcome every difficulty. Again I say to you, in the name of the Family, always try to offer your help, your real help to the souls who live in difficulties, do not delegate anyone to do what you can do personally and what you can do in the strength of union, don’t postpone never the action that could bring moral or material support. Now I say again that the family, the real family lives into join every moment of difficulty and every moment of sadness, united by the real feeling. Joy and serenity live very transitory moment and go away; pain, tension, problems, are experienced more into the deep and  only through time the real feeling,  the constant union into the deep inside heart, the union of souls, brings to overcome every difficulty with the greatest facility.

I say that the starting of a constitution for a best future of the family of Sarveshwari in this place has already been done with my own presence here in my body and in the future through my soul in this place. Do not have doubts, do not have fears but only a joyful will of being successful and of work constantly done together by all community.

Speak and discuss  the problems that are exposed. Do not give to the mind reasons for incomprehension or for heavy thoughts, the Family of Sarveshwari is family of universal union, united in love, in the join of the souls with my own soul and in the peaceful feeling inside the deep.

Be happy for what it will  be. The future, here in this place, will bring a lot of light to mankind. The Family will become very shining and it will grow trough the work done by you all into balance and in the serenity.

Pray a lot and never forget real life. Your real life is life lived into the deep of your souls. Give time to your light and to your prayers, meditate and try to live and to comprehend your real being into the true reality.

Again I say to you that I am present and always will be in this place with my loving feeling and my own teaching, with my words and my own help. You all together united in the feeling inside your souls will offer with me present your real will, your strength, your loving feeling and your will to be successful for a constant work dedicated at the humanity.

Don’t think about yourself but give your support at whom is suffering, to weak persons, to souls in danger and in difficulty. You are united by your prayers into my will, inside the prayer you are into the light and in my own light always you will find help.

Again I say that it makes me very happy your decision to undertake a work so constant and so heavy for your time, do not have fears, it is heavy only because it will always be part of your life. You united into my will and in the Universal Family of Sarveshwari, the Family that gathers together all the souls of the past, of the present and of the future itself.

Now I do not wish to say more, I only wish that you together spend a day in serenity and in the loving feeling. I am always with you and always I will be with my blessing, my words and my loving feeling. Pranam.”