The relation with the Divine


Let me tell you what I know about the work of your mind. From a simple thing you develop a sophisticated interpretation giving it different meanings that then you follow. Because of this foolish model of thought you become undisciplined and then you get angry with yourselves.

You have already the essence which allows you to know and understand Tantra and Mantra. You are dealing with it and practise it more than I do. During the day, the omnipresent Sada Shiva, the for ever happy king Aghor Bhairav, keeps appearing in front of you. During the day you keep getting the constant signs of His presence (through your children, your family, your friends and all the people you are in contact with), but you never find time to pay attention to that. Instead of remaining void and receptive, you amass so much rubbish that your mind is clouded from its own dust and you fail to understand.

So, if you are relaxed and concentrated and look to the sky, you can see all the good spirits you call God or Saints. They aren’t so far from you. When you are able to contact these spirits, your life become a successful life. Later on you will live this life for everybody’s welfare and happiness, and you will be pervaded with an unbounded peace. Right then you will be able to understand the importance of this life.

Respected Mothers and brothers, many are the great souls made flesh here in India, where we were born, leaving their own shadow. In the forms of these shadows we are able to live a very happy and safe life. Just recalling them, we try to find their guide, their inspiration and their protection with renewed spirit and energy.

But this all depends on our disciplined life, which isn’t a thing said carelessly. A happy and safe life is related to the different daily activities of your life. And this consists in living a regular and disciplined life, by withdrawing a little bit from the usual and ordinary way of life and even withdrawing from the world of pran. When you will enter the world of the soul you will be able to establish a rapport with them. As a result of this bond you will be able to know past, present and future events; paying attention to the subtle signs such as your children, family and friend’s voices, you will have a sign in advance.

You become a saint if your contemplation has got that experience inwardly, when you start remaining in that space after you have reach it with full devotion. This kind of person is stable in the soul of this space, and isn’t influenced by any kind of praise, blame or accusation. Oh yes, but he must be stable and should remain there in his place. But when he moves from this position or gives it up, what he has obtained diminishes and eventually disappears. He is exactly like a person who, leaving his house, wander about the other houses pointless and so he loses respect and is often subject to the abuse. Nobody goes and sees such a person. As he never sits with himself, who will come and sit beside him? A sadhu leaving his place and wandering about pointless is weighed and appreciated like cheap vegetables you can find everywhere. Nobody respects him. A diamond has its value in its place (the jeweller’s shop). If you put a diamond in a second-hand shop, it loses its value automatically. Not everyone buys diamonds; very few people can recognize a true diamond and few ones buy it.

We are able to achieve much more sitting in a quiet place for a minute or two or even for a moment, keeping our mind empty, our body free with the mind of the heart focused on its true essence, meditating upon that consciousness. Thus we are able to nourish our lives satisfactorily. This is called discipline. You can sit at home, in your hut, in your ashram or in another place, anywhere it is, remaining disciplined. Besides lost travellers, no less, can visit you and find peace. The letters from people living far-away can be delivered to you by someone who knows that is the place you live. Don’t wander about pointless, otherwise people think: “He is never home, he locked the door, he must be elsewhere, let’s go and squat in his house”.

And so the same thing happened in a very similar way when we were too busy praying these unknown gods with our hands joined. Our hands were slapped by the invaders and we had to be under their rule for ages. Our joined hands became the easy target of their backhanders when we were too busy praying gods made of stone, ignoring our country’s real deities and the society (of human beings). This is happening even today. We are running after western civilization and we are ignoring our rich cultural heritage; the youngest generations are going to be attracted by foreign values. It become very easy for the invaders to conquer, anywhere this is done and encouraged.

Respected Mothers and brothers, anything you are looking for in pieces of stone and in the statues of the temples is far from this all, and it is in the concentration inside the sphere of the heart that it lies. In statues and large slabs of stone you will never find what you couldn’t find in religious texts (Shastra). You can find this only leading the concentration in the sphere of the heart. When your attention is stable in the dimension of the earth you meet the divine. When your life is orderly divinity enters you, which won’t be only for your own good but also for everyone’s good, for anyone you are in contact with. With the help of this divinity you will be able to be in contact with good souls from other countries as well, and with anyone who will be for you.

You all have this knowledge (Tantra); but as we lack clear views and mutual collaboration everything seems to show up contrary to our expectations. We want something but something else happens. Instead of making good use of the energy (Shakti), we waste it. This is really an awkward situation.

May God give serenity to all of you. Let’s hope we can live in peace with the eight hundred million people of India and the rest of world population. May all the people of the living world have unity and peace. Well, I bow to the “Great Unknown” lying inside all of you.