Contemplation averts negativity

Many people are very busy with their work. There is always some restlessness in them and for this reason their mind, heart and body are always unwell. These people, in their community, home and family, are immoral. They find themselves in a position in which they are detested by their own actions. Such people aren’t even able to do their daily work properly. Negative qualities, through meditation, won’t enter you, and so body and mind will keep pure.

The only difference between Guru and disciple is because the Guru learns a little earlier and the disciple a little later. This is a learning you don’t get by chasing wealth, money and luxury. So, as one who tries to catch a shadow, you will never get it this way. This is the cause of discontent. This discontent will be averted through contemplation.

As the quality of fire is to warm up, the quality of water to refresh, of food to satisfy hunger, so the quality of man is just to live as a friend and work for the good of others.

The aspiration of every religion should be to inspire man towards positive qualities. The aspiration of every person should be to have a place in other people’s heart. Then, all over the world, goodwill will prevail automatically. You don’t solve life’s problems with violence and war but with truth and love which are life’s more commendable positive qualities.

It isn’t the situation in which a man is that enslaves him. But the situations themselves are slaves to man. They just test a man’s ability. An able person goes on facing them. The one who gives up, accepting to be defeated, has no right to live.

Looking with contempt at a pregnant but unmarried woman is a big sin. Whatever religion you follow, if you can, help her. Collaborating like this with her to protect the baby that hasn’t been born yet, you will obtain the fruit of the worship of God. In my opinion, people loving mankind don’t mortify her. Such a situation arises from the weakness of society. If you want to avert such a weakness, help this unlucky woman so that she can be lucky. This will be a very virtuous act. We see that all this happens in every community and religion. If we ignore such matters, there won’t be any place to which we will be able to go.

Criticizing others is ignorance. Look on things kindly. Pay attention to how you speak to somebody and to what effect your words have on this person. Realize all this and then judge for yourself. Act after considering what you have to undertake. Affront makes your heart sink very low. Intend not to do any kind of attack with mind, speech and action.

The different forms of supreme power are like bubbles in water. I’m hesitating before trying to tell you this thing, but those who are really curious will understand. We don’t realize that a few things we generally consider small or ordinary and that are in every house and in every nation, are important aspects or forms of the Divine Mother. What we use to do the cleaning, broom, dustpan, cloth, and all our kitchen utensils, too, pots and pans, are like small goddesses living with us even if we don’t pay attention to them. We neglect them and don’t understand that they deserve attention and respect. Cleaning utensils are in every house. With them we can make this earth beautiful and clean. If we ignore them, rubbish piles up and causes all sorts of disease and problems. In every house we find also utensils used for preparing food to satisfy our hunger. Without them a house isn’t a house and a householder isn’t a master of the house. Without these simple things daily life would be like the life of birds in the sky, whose food is on the ground. They can fly far away, but, eventually, they must come down to the ground for their food and water. The cannot find their nourishment in the sky. Whether they are spiritually fulfilled beings, or creature with big wings, or those elements which fly only in the void, everything and everyone must eventually turn to earth. All these tools and utensils are forms of the Divine Mother. But we don’t pay attention to this fact and the result is that we keep unaware of the deep values of daily life. We are unable to value life as a whole. So our lives gives us a sense of discontent and dissatisfaction.

We see clearly the heavy toll that death gets from human beings everyday. Sooner or later those who are dear to us and those who aren’t will abandon us. We will go away this way, too. When will this moment come? When will we understand how to reach that divine power, how you can make that power favourable to you so that it protects you from meaningless troubles? Brothers, we saw many leaders, politicians, businessmen, yogis and scholars come and go. In their period they influenced world’s conditions and situation. In the end, those conditions are reversed. All this is the perpetual motion of that divine power we can even hardly think about because “She” keeps away from trivial thoughts. Then how do we bring Her into our consciousness? It is by watching everything in our daily life. So, dustpan, cloth, food utensils are all important. And this because inwardly we have a tremendous fire (the fire of hunger) and nobody is satisfied, unless this fire is supplied with offerings. Offerings of food are what we put in our body to keep ourselves. Anyone takes care of it, whether one is an ant or an elephant, a great or a simple man. This gesture of offering symbolizes our memory of the Divine Mother with many names and representations.

Trying to relegate the Divine Mother to the bound of some words is a mistake. How can we speak about something that is beyond thought? How can we describe what She is and what She isn’t? But the opinion of sages about Her is unanimous. Their points of view, expressed in different religions and brotherhoods, go the same way. They have shown different ways to go and their traps. But human beings couldn’t understand and keep on living in disappointment until they die, and they don’t leave anything important behind them. There are great souls, opposed to these ones, that leave us with some stories, stories that can inspire and awaken us. Some times what Rishis told in these old days stories aren’t on good terms with present conditions. We didn’t understand their teachings, their real teachings. We keep on singing their stories but we misunderstand what they have to say. We don’t pay attention to the truth they told. Our progress is towards ephemeral things, fleeting thoughts, time given to scriptures and imaginary events. That’s why we aren’t able to understand the truth about divine creativity. By relying on what we heard, we are likely to imagine Her as a triple forms, or as the ten great wisdoms, or as sixtyfour yoginis, or as village, city or house God. For us, She can exist as an epoch, too, and as what starts something. Much of what we believe in is a lot of lies we took as our religious duties. I hope you realize that some of those things were said in different times and moments and that they are weird for the present.

What has to happen will happen. We cannot stop it and cannot let happen what hasn’t to happen. This can be done only by the one who let what hasn’t happened yet occur, of whom it has been said: “He fills the void, empties what is full and, at will, fills again.” When we check to see if we understand these things, that is to say if, following our practices, we are doing things rightly or wrongly, have we an idea of the cause of  our failure? When we have trouble in satisfying the attainment of our goals, in sending our offerings to the divine, in attracting people we want to attract, this depends on our very behaviour, not on the Divine Mother or on the supreme nature. We don’t understand how to harmonize all this, how to link the rings which make things move by themselves. If this happens unexpectedly, by chance, then it depends on inner vibrations appearing mysteriously and differently in every person.

The sleep of illusion created by the Divine Mother annihilates anybody, but even so Divine Mother’s heart is an ocean of nourishing love. All, animals, birds, human beings or other creatures hide inside their hearts what Rishis and scriptures described as Brahman. But naming, calling it Brahman, they made it a thing of the mind. Such attempts come to nothing.

If every kind of thing keeps on appearing in someone’s mind and he always keeps on changing his mind, when will such a person be stable? You may have noticed more than once that in calm water you can see your face, but if you let a pebble fall inside, or a piece of wood or even a mustard seed causing ripples, then you cannot see your face in water. So if in a calm mind such a trouble appears, you cannot see inside it. It is very hard and so it has to calm down again. Therefore, in a clear sky, or in a blue pond or in water in a plate without the smallest movement, you can see your true aspect just as it is. Your very aspect is also the aspect of that great power you yearn for, you want to know about; it isn’t different. It is this, and it happens like this. So, inside yourselves, you must admit: “Yes, things are so”. Therefore you start studying the truth carefully, thinking: “If that thing happens like this, there will be such an effect”. Then you will make observations of various kind about this thing. All this depends on that supreme power, whether you imagine it as a trinity, or a decuple or in any other form. You will know the mystery of knowledge and all the secrets beyond these ones, otherwise everything exists is a lie, not the real stories those Rishis of the past left to inspire us.

Every human being is here because of Divine Mother’s creativity. This creativity is expressed through reproductive organs. There is no human being on this earth that isn’t attracted by reproductive organs. These ones represent the supreme power, the Divine Mother. It isn’t just a representation, it is so. With right vision and reverence towards reproductive organs, instability and restlessness of the mind are calmed down. The act of procreation is approach to the divine, but we don’t always remember its sanctity. In nature, other living creatures know by instinct the sanctity and the seasonal rhythm of this. But human beings have lost this knowledge and are no longer harmonized with the rhythms of nature. When you forget sanctity and let yourself immoderately go to sensual satisfaction, the result is a search for empty feelings and the loss of aims in life. I hope you understand this little by little, the meaning of reproductive organs. When you get ready to do these things with the right comprehension, your mind will no longer be an obstacle.

May the Divine Mother keep your mind pure, may you experience that supreme power with your mind, may you see the Divine Mother in all your actions. May She be favourable to us all. I bow to the Divine Mother lying inside yourselves  and I say goodbye to you.