Body, mind and senses.


The biggest proof of the illusion of this world, created by the world of dream (maya or illusion), is that here every thing, every soul or animal, is temporary and destructible. The condition of the human body is the same. In this body there are five sense organs (eyes, ears, tongue, skin and nose), five action organs (hands, feet, anus, genitals and mouth) and our own Self. Even this Self has four aspects: mind, reason, consciousness and ego. Heart is inside mind, which inspires and expresses all the organs. Analysing this subject Kina Ram ji said that the base of mind is prana, the base of prana is breath, the base of breath is the word Brahman and the base of Brahman is simple form. Brahman is eternal and indestructible, the stability of body is ephemeral like a drop of dew. All the relatives show their love until the body remains, but when the body dies no one can have reciprocal bonds any more. Therefore, conscious of the illusion of the world and of the impermanence of the body, we don’t have to feel proud of our body, youth and beauty, nor we should be involved in the controversy about “this is mine and this is yours”. We should always remember that life is wearing out every moment. Remembering this and seeing clearly how things are, we should seek the company of noble beings and worship God.All the saints, in many ways and with many examples and similes, described and represented the temporariness of the body. Ananda explained in his poem that the fire of desire, which is burning inside our body, can be avoided only in one way: the highest possible devotion to God and the absolute keeping of the mistrust of this destructible body. Saint Keshoram and Anand , with many examples and things like that, studied with care the destructibility of the body and the illusion of the world.

Ramsvarup Das asserted that this whole creation is like the manifestation of mind and maya. Arjuna said in Bhagavat Gita that mind is very unstable and very hard to control. Krishna, who was supporting him, said that mind surely would have been controlled with great difficulty and that it is very changeable, but through practice and detachment one can get the better of it. Kina Ram ji asserted that His Guru repeated that restless mind dominates everyone. The whole world has become mind’s puppet; mind is also what gives rise to man’s slavery and liberation. Karta Ramji says that anyone  who is completely absorbed in the unrestrained desires of the mind and sense organs, is in chain, and anyone who is free from that is free from a condition of submission. He says, in the same context, that mind is the shelter of all the evils. Lust as butcher, anger as crematory ground gravedigger, attachment as cobbler, desire as oil seller, carelessness as wine seller and doubt as laundryman are all mind’s friends. Even ambition as dustman is with them, and invoking the Brahman’s duality inside souls, involves them in the unrestrained worldly desires. Hope, anxiety and doubt are all beasts that come out of mind and destroy man. So man’s salvation is not possible unless he doesn’t get the better of the evils of mind. In such a difficult situation, through the use of the army made up of morality, satisfaction, mercy, forgiveness and wisdom, it should be our duty to attack and conquer those wicked soldiers, enemies of mind: longing, anger, greed, lust, attachment, pride and jealousy. Anand further explained this subject with questions and answers: Who is poor? Anyone who is full of desires. Who is rich? Anyone who is content. Who is blind? Anyone who is craving for lust. What is dung? Crime and slander. Who is the enemy? Our own senses.

To attain immortality we must keep our senses under control, dominate them as king of theirs. Doing so a man can even stay forever young. About that Kina Ram ji said that controlling our mind we keep under control also our body.