The Master (Guru)


“When Shiva (the Divine) is angry with a disciple, the Guru can placate him; but if the Guru becomes angry with a disciple, then not even Shiva can placate him.”
Guru Gita

Speech given by Shri Aghoreshwar on Gurupurnima day 1971 at Paraw ashram, Varanasi.

Today, only those disciples who are sincere and faithful follow and observe this favourable feast. But for Gurus every single day is a day of celebration. That’s why I say this day is your day, only for those of you who are devout persons. During this feast the divine qualities divine beings manage to achieve, only thanks to many privations, easily come down inside of you according to your faith and devotion.
On this occasion we are showing the devotion and nobility we feel inside. Deep in our hearts divine virtues and qualities flourish for sure, if what we express every time is sincere. Those divine qualities don’t even come close to us if what we show is only mere ostentation or something superficial in any case. All the gestures or behaviours that come from our senseless ideas are superficial.

Not only is exhibitionism something that bother us but also all the people having something to do with us. Free yourself from  falsehood and exhibitionism, this is what I ask you. The stream of the divine qualities will run inside you only when you will unburden.

The choice and the acceptance of a Guru in your life is not depending on any kind of prohibition. To my way of thinking, you can establish this sacred relationship even with a chandal and search your soul. Mira, the great poet of ancient times, you certainly heard about too, was a disciple of Raidas (an untouchable). Accepting his ideals and teachings in her life She became a saint. Religious texts deal with a lot of things that are incomprehensible and unfeasible nowadays. We are not able to bring those teachings inside our daily practice. That’s why we rely on a master.

A Master or a Guru can give you simple and short teachings, but you can understand them only if you are pure in heart. A heart full of bad intentions or immodesty will never be able to get a Guru’s teachings. Divinity appears when someone’s heart is clean. It touches the heart that starts to become pure and inside the mind generate a special kind of change that makes your being sacred like a place of pilgrimage. Then impossible seems possible and things that once were incomprehensible become obvious. Such divine qualities appear inside you when you constantly keep the Guru deep in your heart, as your behavior shows today. The reawakening of those qualities does not mean that you are supposed to become idle and shirk your responsibilities. The various limbs of your body should be busy in any action that is necessary in the situations that each time occur, nevertheless your heart and your mind are meant to be at the same time absorbed in the divine. 

On this favourable occasion I have to ask you something, if you could not put your trust in the society or in the nation you live in, make sure of putting it at least in your relatives, in your children and in your grandchildren. Trust them, and make sure they trust you.

To do any job in the best possible way, a slight or a great one, you need a confident attitude or to have optimism at least. A lot of people don’t trust themselves nor have they a confident attitude towards what they’re doing. In this state of things a strange kind of conflict, of hesitation and irritation, filling their mind, arises and it acts as a block. They are haunted by the shadow of their previous negative actions. In this case my only advice is to look ahead, not to turn back. To look back will be just painful and obstruct your course. Start your life all over again in a new way letting your past actions float in this Guru’s Ganges. This way a fresh strength and a never seen enthusiasm will appear. You will be happy inside and you’ll be able to cheer up all the people who have the opportunity to have to do with you. Bitterness will fade away from your heart.

When we have negative thoughts in our minds, our existences end up by not making sense anymore and they become meaningless. It’s as though we were living like this, just to live, wandering about like junkies, without any equilibrium in body or in mind. In this state of things we aren’t able to understand anything, or to make other people understand something too. In this condition we make just like us the persons, one way or another, we have to do with. Such a meaningless life ends up by being a very burden.

Dear friends, wherever you live or any situation you are, have a confident and optimistic attitude towards yourself. Listen to that divine message and pay attention to those suggestions of the spirit that come inside you saying to you that some acts are appropriate and others not. Listen to those suggestions and pay to them the right attention making finally sure that these ones go so far as to take shape in your behaviour. At that very moment you will be happy and make happy the ones who’ll have the chance to stay with you.

When we point the finger at someone, we have three fingers pointed at us. It means that when we are interested in making comments on the negativity we find in others, that very negativity is inside us three times more; it’s inside us that we have bad habits and faults. All I can say is: don’t care about other people’s bad habits. To be interested in other people’s bad habits is an unhealthy vice of the mind. Often direct your gaze on yourselves and keep it locked there. When you apply this rule, the strenght of divine qualities will revive inside you and your faith in God and in your Guru’s teachings will fortify you. On this earth you will be able to live a life of bliss and in good health and to guide your children and your family members, which is, in this days, something people need badly.

As well as you keep your home and the ashram clean, thus hoping that this place fortifies your spirit and serves as a shelter for you and your children in moments of need, do the same with your mind, keep it clean. The span of your life on this earth is so short. Why on earth should we shelter bitterness in this short period of time? Who on earth should we criticize (maybe ourselves!) and who should we pray instead? If that is the case, so why don’t we work only to keep our soul, which by its own nature is eternal, pure and blessed, clean? If we are able to keep it in that real natural state of its own, we stand the chance of knowing the liberation from the cycle of rebirths, which are very painful. If we do have to be born again, we will be born in a good land and among good people.

Oh friends! Give up those actions that don’t bring anything good and keep you in darkness and let pride, which does nothing but keep you sunken in an unendurable pain, advance. You have been sitting patiently here for a long time with so much love and respect. The interest you have in being a good human being and supporting a healthy society is praiseworthy. On this favourable occasion of Gurupurnima I bless you all.

Friends! If it is really true that a child has been endowed with his father’s and mother’s influence, hallmarks, qualities, manners, behaviour and way of dressing, the same thing goes for a real disciple of a Guru. The most genuine disciples of a Guru become what He is. They sit, stand, speak, explain, analyse, plan, understand, teach and became humble, just like He does.

Disciples of various Masters and Gurus make trustworthy the fact that their hallmarks, qualities and behaviour have some affinity with those of their spiritual guides. Normally unchanged, a worshipper, devotee of a divine being, absorbs the specific qualities of that very divinity. To identify with saints or with our beloved masters is like meeting that great unknown friend. To be careful to merge with the one we adore, our beloved Master, or with the subject we contemplate is an important aspect of our practice.