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If we could carry loads on head,

then there wouldn’t be the need to

search for job

Shri Sarveshwari Niwas premises, Parao Varanasi, March 1978.
Words of blessing of Param Pujya Aghoreshwar Mahaprabhu.

These days it is often seen that thousands of youths are demanding for job from the government for their means of livelihood. This mental attitude could be fatal for the nation. It could be seen in this matter that the assurance given by the national leaders are proving to be futile. Once, when I used to live in village, a rich gentleman visited an old wealthy farmer with a marriage proposal for his daughters. While sitting in the porch of the house where he has come for the purpose of marriage, he saw two youths. They were carrying basket on their head and were engaged in throwing off cow-dung, straw and manure in the fields. The rich gentleman saw these for hours. Without bothering about the feelings and thoughts of others about them they continued to do the work of carrying the basket and throwing off the manure. He also saw the sons of the wealthy farmer who were busy in merry-making. He asked the farmer about the two youths who were carrying away the cow-dung since several hours. The farmer told that they both were poor boys and that they had two bighas (measure of land, 5/8 of an acre) of land, one bullock, that their house wasn’t in proper condition. They somehow lived in the verandah but they both were very hard-working guys. Then the rich gentleman said to the wealthy farmer that he wanted to marry both his daughters with those boys as they were hard-working youths. He went to the boys, gave the proposal of marriage and the marriage was solemnized. After the marriage, both the boys worked with greater zeal and labour and soon, with the passage of time, they purchased several acres of land, hired a tractor and built a good house. Today they have properties that are worth lakhs of rupees, still they work hard and made their lives meaningful. I have also seen sons of big farmers who are lost in merry-making. Due to bad habits they have lost their ancestral property also. They do not have anything; the bricks of the house were left, now that even it is being sold. Along with the sons, the father, too, who was once rich, has lost everything due to the habit of alcoholism and gambling and is now seen at the doorsteps of others’ house. For this it is said: “If we could carry loads on head then there wouldn’t be the need to search job.” If we are laborious, then we will not have lack of livelihood and won’t be dependent on others. By this, there won’t even be the idea of job. Everything is attainable by hard work. There would be obstruction and hindrances in it but that has to be removed.

I have seen a very ordinary man who had a small tea shop. Slowly and steadily he worked hard and   earned money and purchased a type-writer. By typing he earned little more money. After some time he purchased ten type-writers. He employed ten typists and thereby earned his livelihood. Today he is a rich man but he still works hard as before.

When the youths of our nation, either they have acquired higher education or are lesser qualified, start carrying the loads on their head, then there won’t be any need to search a job. Keeping the load on the head and expecting a job from the government, is like leaving the food that is served in front and asking the same from others. Take any work in hand and do hard labour. You will get happiness in life. No work is either low or high. All the works are equal including higher administrative work. All are accomplished only by hard work. The work is rest itself. One should continue to do something or the other. Then only one could get pleasure and amenities, the health would be fine and the future would be bright. Duty is religion. To keep the loads on head is like moving ahead on the path of duty. It is religious conduct. For this it is said: “If we could carry loads on head, then there wouldn’t be the need to search job”.

Everyone wants to put his precious time on stake and ruin it. They do not understand it is important. What’s more, along with the precious time, they do not have value for the sentiments of respect. They spread terrible impurity over our environment and destroy their lives.