Who can we regard as a real friend?


Dear mothers and friends, the mantra you received from your Guru is the indicator of a friendship that unites you with Him forever. Mantra is not something unimportant that any Baba or anyone gives you by any chance. A Guru that gives you initiation takes the responsibility of your personal existence. A whole Guru doesn’t give you just a mantra, but a friend hiding under this form, that can help you when very hard times come in your life; if you are lacking in it, you could be shocked, lost and life would become unbearable.

A good friend should be just as the sun, around which the earth keeps revolving continuously to attain light. That light feeds all the beings on the globe and thanks to it, they can do many things. In this way darkness gets removed from their existence.

There is a great need of a friend like this in our life. But these days many so-called “friends” come in our lives just to hurt us. In the name of friendship they push us to do many degrading and sad things such as gambling, drinking or abusing drugs. They try to make us getting used to many other bad habits that can affect our health and that give rise to mental prostration and many other disorders, and still they claim to be our friend. We should undertake to understand which kind of friends are these and in the same time we should be wiser in making better friendships.

Parents should treat their kids, if they are over sixteen, just like confidants, just like friends. Every limb of our body can be compared to our alley or friend. If an insect stings us, our hand immediately hits it and brusquely sends it away. If this is causing pain, the hand relieves the pain. But sometimes it happens that our own blood turns into our enemy. What enables a hunter to find the place where the wounded deer is hiding, it’s the animal’s own blood trails. Even if we are winners in many other things, in the same way we are defeated by our own blood (our sons). There we can never win and we are defeated because we are not able to establish with them a relationship based on friendship. They become our opponents because we torment them continuously. If you have two or three kids and you don’t get along well with them, they start to struggle under your eyes and the family takes a turn for the disaster.

We need a friend in every moment of life. The greatest friend is God himself. Guru mantra means the same. It’s big the joy we feel when we meet with a good friend and when we must part from him we feel sorry instead. Situation is exactly the opposite when we meet with some vile person. We must understand these differences and keep them in mind during our life. Mothers should understand that the duty they have towards their sons as parents it’s not merely restricted to food and body cleaning. They must feed them with something that can leave positive impressions    on their mind, that is friendship feelings; besides they should recommend them to keep good company and to stay away from the bad one. If kids ask for water give them milk (try to give them more than what they are asking for), because mother is the one who gives nectar. If a woman doesn’t act like that she invites miserable situations inside her family. It is because of this greatness that the mother is honoured in our society. “In front of others, except the Mother, either the physical one or the divine one, you can even not bow.” A Guru teaches this to his disciples who left their family.

Fathers are in the same way responsible for their kids character. Father should be kid’s best friend. When the kid is ten years old, the father should take care of the child mother, and he should relate to her and treat her just like it would be with his own mother. Since she is wrapped up with different roles, she loses her balance if treated in a different way, and her behaviour becomes destructive for the family. If for some reason the parents have to spend some time with an untrustworthy guest, they should be wise enough not to take the child in his presence. Later kids, when they have already seen that person, start to act like him and from that very moment it is already too late.

Even to his disciples a Guru teaches nobility. A disciple who is not acting in a noble way will never be regarded as a trustworthy devotee. It is not to be expected from a true disciple to be behaving in a wrong way and to be creating incomprehension. Worship and meditation are closely related to behaviour.

The biggest prayer in our life is to pay attention to every little thing better than to close our eyes and meditate. To pay attention to our own behaviour it’s good for us and it’s beneficial for others too, and this is the biggest love we can prove to have for ourselves. We should avoid the company of that people who deprive us of our serenity with their behaviour and empty us of  our energy, no matter how much we care about this friendship. If we act like this our life will be filled with happiness and relaxation.

Passive kindness is misplaced where morality and discipline are not kept. The words you speak should be firm and you should instead keep love inside the heart. There must be love inside the heart, but words must be so resolute to allow the led astray person you are talking with, to go back to the straight path. In this context the passive kindness of the words is risky and the damage it can cause is huge, and the responsibility for the person in that condition will fall upon you. It is not of any effect only speaking about this, more and more you should put this into practice, you must pay a greatest attention to your behaviour, in this way you will be relaxed and blissful.

Saints of this ashram are continuously hit just like iron is hammered into a forge. Living inside the society they must continuously go through fire. They are surrounded by fire, and they keep always very alert because they know very well that if they stray even just a little from the path they are following, they will be pushed away just like a fly in the milk. As householder you stress your children because you are not getting along well with them. If you exasperate them in this way, it’s possible you’ll have to face a huge rebellion.

Dear friends, the words friend and friendship cover a large definition. If you are really a loyal supporter, your friend’s pain is a huge pain for you too. A real friend urges you to have always worthwhile initiatives, so that with the help of positive suggestions you’ll never run short of ideas. The day our young people will understand this truth they will be inspired to find some friends worthy of this name.

That friend under the shape of a mantra that Guru reveals to you it’s just a sound or a word. The one who receives it and practises it becomes just, keen and firm. Such a person never gets discouraged by the storms of life and stands firm and unshakable just like the Himalaya. In such a person there are not the ups and downs of tides, inside her there is the calm of the deep ocean. The maxim “A few water is enough for the overflowing of a shallow river” is not to be referred to a person of this kind. Such a person is never conceited, slanderous or boasting his superiority.

Once you have received this friend you will realize how immutable you are. Whether a king, a rich person, a poor or even a man or a seductive woman is passing in front of you, you are not touched by them. No any modification will rise inside you. Once you taste this condition in your heart, you know you’ve found that friend, you have the company of God, you are picking up the benefit of your mantra.

Keeping pace with this acquisition your behaviour should indicate humility rather than an ostentation of superiority, and this attitude should never change. Only with this premises you can be a rightful holder of this secret. Till you reach that point where you can steadily act in the proper way, this condition won’t remain.

Rather than look upon  a person according to her religion, race or skin colour an Aughar, an Awadhut or Aghoreshwar acts and looks upon a person according to her behaviour. An Aughar thinks that giving up worldly things and moderation are much more important than religion, caste and social class.

Aughars know how to be in harmony with themselves as well as they know how to establish friendly relationships with others; they do this very well, so that they can hand down and share this skill with people they meet, enabling them to leave in peace with themselves and in the same way to let the others live in relaxation. They never do such things as causing disharmony with themselves or coming into conflict with others.

We should be very alert while choosing our friends. Many vile people can look as noble. Compared to real noble people, you can’t see big differences in their external appearance. At first nobody will appear more pleasant than them. Paying attention to these things it’s a sort of homage to divine. We should avoid food and gifts from these people because they can affect our reason and our health. Some simple food offered by a saint is much more pleasant than any delicious dish offered by a vile person. If your health and your reason get affected, you should try to understand why and find out the truth. We must learn this.

Finally I hope you show kindness to yourself so that you can learn which kind of things are connected to friendship and you can make everything possible to find the real friend. The day it all happens in your life, you will be the divine himself, no less. You too will be able to do all the things that divine is able to make possible. Everything you wish it can be possible. Your will shall be firm and you will have a noble character. This is the path of saints. You can read a lot of sacred texts but if you are looking for relaxation and balance, welfare and contentment, it is possible only if you do this friendship.

Even if despite all that we have (material wealth) we don’t acquire inwardly a deep stage of relaxation and balance, we remain very poor. I really hope you do everything possible to get along well with that real friend, and with this words I bow to the “Unknown” living inside you and I take my leave.

It’s mind that can allow your liberation and it’s mind itself that interposes and puts obstacles. A troubled mind gives rise to many problems, it brings annoying sufferings. Saints suggest you to take care of your mental state for this reason. Religion of humanity it is humanity, and by causing conflict amongst men religions damage the spirit of universal brotherhood; these are not religions but anti-religions and for this reason they should be rejected. Terrible adversities shouldn’t have the better of you and subdue you. The one who bears his troubles and pains with calm and serenity is a real man.