Due to ignorance we do injustice with



On 29th December 1991, Sunday, addressing mothers, devotees and admirers in the Ganeshpeeth premises of Shri Sarveshwari Samooh Sansthan, Devsthanam, Parao, Param Pujya Aghoreshwar said in his blessings:

In this life that becomes shorter with the passing of each day, it’s our own duty to evaluate whatever we have done towards ourselves, towards God, towards the society and towards the nation. Usually most of our time passes in doing injustice to our own self. If we ourselves fix the punishment for the injustice done to ourselves then everything could be forgiven. But, if we depend on religion, mercy and think that they will forgive us, then it should be understood that there is no one to forgive us. Neither the religion can forgive nor on begging, the alms of mercy could be given by any incarnation, goddess or deity. It is beyond the capacity of anyone.

We know that in today’s context the conduct of various incarnations is not suitable to us, even then we are singing their song. We cannot bring into practice the behavior of Rama. We cannot even bring into practice the conduct of Krishna, in which numerous ways of behaving are severely condemnable in today’s context. We cannot bring into practice the behavior of Parshurama who had killed his own mother. Yet we are involved in invocation of such incarnations and think that our life is devoted towards God. It’s not so, brothers. By this, we do great injustice with ourselves, our nation, society and God. We do not refrain, and do great injustice, yet beg for forgiveness. Who will forgive? No one forgives. In such situation, if you can fix your own punishment and undergo it happily, then, as per the statement of the shastra (holy text) in connection to rebirth, the rebirth will be in a good family, in between good people and country. Otherwise, if you continue to do injustice with yourself, then everyone could forgive, suppose that God could even forgive, but your own soul will not forgive you. It would not forgive. It would pinch you throughout life. Tears would fall from eyes in the last moment. Life remains frustrated and choked in throat. Despite willingness, one is not able to say anything.

All those sons, grandsons, brothers, relatives for whom one does everything  seems to be absolutely sorrowful. They seem to be distressful. Despite suffering all these agonies, we keep our eyes closed, keeping ourselves in darkness we suffer extreme grief. There is no end to sorrow. In such a situation, from this path of pain and distress, for the sake of justice to our own self we will have to make our own choice so that there is happiness in our mind, soul and senses. They should not give us pain, distress and destroy us by that mentality. It is for the sake of knowing, listening and learning all this, that people visit gentlemen, saints, scriptures and gurus. When a tiger attacks upon any weak animal, it takes refuge in cave and excessive dense forests. It takes refuge on tall trees or enters inside the water bodies. We all do not have any such place where we could find refuge, because wherever we move or go, we will see ourselves and wherever we will be this distress would torment us. Perhaps, there won’t be sorrow, where we will not be with ourselves. There is no place where we aren’t seeing ourselves. Seeing oneself is like doing injustice upon oneself. Both these have the same name, brothers!

Truly speaking, we human beings have a very limited vision, despite having son, grandson, brothers, relatives, food, water, arms, legs and everything. Due to this limited vision we have to suffer excessive pain and do great injustice to ourselves. To get riddance from these pains, having the view (darshan) of anyone will not do anything. If you think that by darshan everything would be all right, then nothing will happen until he views (does darshan) his own self. We should not hope from auspicious darshan. If we see any national leader or supreme court judge passing by everyday and think that the leader would give some benefit or by mere sight (darshan) of a judge, he would give us justice, then all this is unimaginable. Such things cannot occur even in imagination.

In the same manner, if we expect something from unconscious mind by deity of the temple or inanimate idol, then it is like keeping our lives in darkness. It is to know all this that we take the shelter of saints, gentlemen, scriptures, monasteries, hermitages and tombs; because these things cannot be known in the temple, mosque and churches. The condition over there is like keeping oneself in the state of being inanimate, unconscious and fainted. There is no benefit in leading such a life.

On the earth, birds and animals are better than human beings who do not have any limit. They are in boundless wandering. They don’t have any collection. The maxim “eat today and keep for tomorrow ” is irrelevant for them. They are satisfied with whatever they get and put off till tomorrow on that unknown. But we human beings are so clever that we amass things for several months and its consequence is that we suffer great pain. Losing the precious life like a spider that gets entrapped in a web made by itself. We should feel thoroughly and find out, is our life of the same type?

We have called and understood inanimate idols as God and Goddess till today, have considered all the inanimate as conscious, and have neglected the human beings that is conscious, in which God has done the deification of an idol. This is the injustice that can destroy our mentality. If the mentality is spoiled, then it is said aptly “the time of death doesn’t kill anyone with a stick instead it carries away sharpness, strength, intelligence and thought ”. It is better to depart from the earth than to lead such a life; because in the world, which is like market, all the commodities are saleable at cheap price and the price of every thing is measured. There aren’t priceless commodities. Nevertheless, we do the lowly deeds of purchasing such commodities so that we become men of high reputation and crowned in the society as well as nation, so that people praise us and we become praiseworthy. Along with this there is birth of numerous condemnable thoughts that creates confusion in mind. There is existence of a situation in which  ‘the rope seems to be a snake’. But after the actual knowledge that the rope is not a snake, the mind feels remorseful about itself. Due to such ignorance we do injustice with ourselves and suffer punishment for such injustices. It would be good if we can fix the punishment ourselves, otherwise the soul will remain pinching. The soul will be depressed and corrupt. When the soul of an individual gets degraded, depressed and fallen, then his life gets ready to commit any deed. He is ready to commit any deed. Either one is male or female, there isn’t any word that can be used for him. It is a word of great sorrow, a word of extreme sorrow.

After this, pointing towards the wrong way of thinking of people, Param Pujya Aghoreshwar said that in the passing year a number of people celebrated happily their son’s birthday. They didn’t see that one year has been reduced from their son’s life along with the reduction of one year in my life, too. It is not a day of happiness. Still, people think it to be a day of happiness. They celebrate birth anniversary. They have totally wrong thinking. They don’t say, I am grieved and feel sorry that one year of your life is reduced. For this, if we could do something with ourselves in these selected few days of life, we must definitely do it. Otherwise we are dead, set to do injustice upon ourselves. Judgment would not be given by any other court, but our own soul will announce it. We will be tormented by cruel dreams and cruel tendencies of thought during sleep at night. It would give extreme torture. If a man wishes, he could get freedom from such tendencies. For this purpose, he should sit at night time in solitude with concentration, memorizing everything and either think over it with peaceful disposition or leave it silently in nothingness. There shall not be any vibration. If there is continued creation of waves like the ripples created in silent water by throwing of a pebble, then there shall be increase of uneasiness. Then our unsuccessful life will shake us violently.

Today the youths who are successful enjoy great respect everywhere. People move behind them to fulfill their purposes. They endeavor to develop relationship from them. On the contrary, no one wants to have even a sight of those people who are unsuccessful. A person never thinks that this successful life could become unsuccessful and the unsuccessful life could sometime become even successful. It has been rightly said: “Not all the days are equal ”. Every day isn’t of the same type for each individual. There is rise and fall, ups and downs in everyone. Today, the situation of affluent people is totally different. Even those people who are totally fulfilled have to experience ups and downs, rise and fall. Only saints do not experience the ups, downs and rise, fall. Saints are not like the petty rivers or the mean minded men, that during flood seem to be a river with maximum water but after sometime dries up to become a spring of water which is crossed over by dogs.

Pointing towards the pervasion of conflict in families in recent times, Param Pujya Aghoreshwar said all this is due to hatred towards each other. It is due to hatred that we have to suffer all the sorrows and are bound to lead a disgraceful life. Today, people leading a life of disrespect among brothers, relatives, kith and kin, despite being insulted and abused, they do not take the refuge of saints, great souls and gentlemen. They would not take the shelter of monasteries, hermitages and tombs. If they go, they would go toward temples. They think of worshipping the inanimate. Maybe I am benefited by the prayer. The inanimate will do no good instead it will make you more inanimate. It will make your intelligence inanimate. It would frustrate you. We see all this yet we believe in it. In such situation I could only request with all of you that I shall not speak anything with you all.

It is not good to speak, and I would not like to hear your loud and hoarse voice too; because what is spoken slowly and softly with closed mouth could be heard quickly. It is the voice of the soul. Whatever is uttered loudly and hoarsely is not the voice of the inner self. It is like the butcher’s goat whose each and every step head towards the slaughter place. I can see that all are moving towards the slaughter place. All are bent upon to slaughter themselves. This is known as mass murder. All are involved in mass murder. The saints and great souls do not want to live among such mass murderers. It is better for the saints to be somewhere in forest and deserted place, to sit somewhere on a fallen ruins or to stand somewhere under a tree beside a lonely street and pass their time than to stay in such surroundings.

After this, involving practically in the practice of Prana (life force), Param Pujya Aghoreshwar said we must pray to the unknown that is in us in the form of comprehensive life; as the day this life force would disappear, our brothers and relatives would throw away or burn this body like an insignificant thing. No one would give value to it. We should ourselves take the decision as to what we shall do and what we shall not do with these living human beings.

Explaining the importance of practice, Param Pujya Aghoreshwar Mahaprabhu said that like a doctor or a lawyer after completion of degrees has no value if they haven’t involved in practice, the same is in the field of saintliness also. He has to practice throughout his life. If he isn’t practicing then it has no value, it is meaningless and hypocritical.

Similarly the householder is like keeping the hill on the hand. A householder (Grihasta – hill on hand) who isn’t practiced about his justice then he is an untrained householder. He is not a householder even. He gets pained in the household affairs. Otherwise the same hill would seem to be like a seed of mustard or fruit of emblic myrobalan tree on his hands. He could  carry a seed of mustard or fruit of emblic myrobalan tree. Otherwise he would be crushed under the pressure of household. After being badly crushed, his life becomes unsuccessful. Unsuccessful life is worthy of censure and boycott by everyone. For this one should engage in virtuous practice.

Sit at the night time when the entire world is asleep, bringing forward your memory and look at it intently with conscious mind and weigh yourself with good yardstick. If you are in inferior deeds then you will not be able to cross the mundane ocean (The World) like you cross a river with the help of boat by paying some amount on the bank.

After this Param Pujya Aghoreshwar said in enigmatic and symbolic saintly language on the people who are engrossed in physical enjoyment. He said that you can see the condition of those who are in the pleasure seeking behavior of the bed. They are increasing the pollution of the environment. Those who are seeking pleasure on the bed would not be able to redeem themselves on the earth. They will drown and die in the mundane ocean. For this one should be in less pleasure seeking behavior of the bed. I do not say that you shouldn’t be involved being a householder. You must do it, but that should be within limit and season. All this is sorrow, despite having knowledge of it, people are doing injustice with themselves. We have to think: what are we doing? By such conduct we would not be able to cross the mundane ocean. It’s a world viewed as an ocean, with innumerable hardships and numerous creatures. They would eat you if you go to swim. They are eating and swallowing all the human beings. Nevertheless, the night without waiting for dawn makes the effort to swim that would result in drowning.

In the end Pujya Baba said that you all are quite fond of falsehood and gossip. You think that many stories of the ancient texts are truthful. Many incarnations seems to you to be belief in divinity. It isn’t absolutely like this. But if I say it, you will call me a liar. You are not ready to accept it because the mind is dominated by inanimate. If I say not to do a particular thing and abstain from it, people would not agree and do the same work. If I say to do a certain work then he would say that it’s a very difficult task. This work is not for us. We are weak people. He would give such excuses for getting riddance. If he is weak and wants to be rid off, then he shouldn’t do injustice with himself. But if not, you would go on committing crime one after other on yourself, then it is your willingness and choice.

After this Pujya Mahaprabhu said farewell to the passing year 1991. This year had been full of criminality and sin. The entire human community on the earth was in the doldrums. There was bloodshed in all the Gulf countries. The entire Russia was disintegrated. In India three Prime ministers were changed and there was great political upheavals. All of us have become poor. Silver, gold, jewellery and the entire things have been sold. They have been given in someone else’s hand. We are bound to purchase very expensive thing for livelihood. People are skeptical that it would return back or not. I do not know, God knows. Such was this year. It has been a year of extreme sorrow for the entire human race on the earth. Human beings themselves have displayed inexplicable conduct with humans by the name of justice.

With these words I bow to the unknown sitting in you and take farewell from you.