Twenty years of Siddhapith

In November 1998, on the occasion of the sixth Mahanirvana Diwas of Shri Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramji, the first stone of the Ashram was put down. The place, called Shri Aghoreshwar Siddhapith Avimukta Ganga Maa, is the seat of the organization Pujya Maa Shri Sarveshwari Sewa Sangh, twinned with our Italian organization, and founded in the spring of that same year by Anil Baba and Guru Baba.

We had few means but an unshakable resolution to fulfill what our Master had asked us. Every seemingly insuperable obstacle was always overcome and the Ashram has achieved an enviable success and the local appreciation. During this long journey, we saw our social activities take root, supported by our spiritual practice and our faith in Aghoreshwar’s message.

What at the beginning was only a bare and uninhabited bank of the holy river has turned into an oasis of beauty, peace, harmony and strength where many souls can receive inspiration and direction for their lives and their inner path. Several people have given us their support and help in difficult and delicate times and our gratitude and thanks go to them.

Guru Babaji and Guru Ratnaji have sacrificed a lot in their lives, their time and their resources for this project Anil Babaji has developed with great talent and tireless dedication. All these years the Italian organization has worked to give the necessary help and support, also thanks to the constant presence of its members who have gone on the spot to take part in the various activities.

The temple has been dedicated to Shri Aghoreshwar and hosts His Charan Padhuka, the Master’s footprints. An Havaan Kund has been specially created according to the Aghori secret specifications and is used for the offerings in the dedicated periods.

The center hosts a primary school, the Shri Aghoreshwar Gurukul, for the kids of the poorest social classes. We also give scholarships for secondary and high schools to the most meritorious and motivated students, with special attention to the girls whose education is often neglected for economic, cultural and family reasons. Over this timespan thousands of children have come through here.

A health care unit, Shri Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram Prakrithik Chikitshalaya, has provided medical assistance to the needy. The doctors are established local professionals who practice here as a volunteer, have great experience and are moved to do it by a pure altruistic feeling.

The hospital has got an operating theater, a doctor’s office, an eye clinic, a gynecology clinic, a dental clinic, a naturopathy and ayurvedic clinic, an ultrasound room and an infirmary. The kids of the school undergo periodic check-ups and are monitored and helped according to their needs.

Many medical camps are planned in rural areas. The doctors of the staff take part in these camps, providing medical treatments to the people who are deprived of them or who cannot enjoy them. Thousands of children, adults and old men and women have enjoyed the free medical treatments the hospital provides.

We haven’t been supported by rich sponsors but we are proud of having achieved these goals on our own merit and care, supported by Baba Aghoreshwar’s grace and protection.