Mahanirvana Diwas 2013


In Varanasi weather is mild, days are still sunny and this gives us splendid moments before the cold arrives to the great plain.

This time Selene (Chandra Maa) has come with me. She is here in Varanasi for a Plain Ink’s mission: reprinting and giving out Gau ke shilpi (The Village Changemakers) for free. We are ready now and Plain Ink’s elephant will bring many colored educational comics to children. More copies will be given out to the schools in the villages on the riverbanks and during the winter camps our medical staff and Anil Baba will run.

We arrived in time for the Mahanirvana Diwas. The days before were feverishly spent organizing the areas for the event. A big cloth gazebo was put up on the school area and at its end the stage for the children’s performance was built, equipped with lights and sound system.

In the meantime with great enthusiasm the children were rehearsing the chants and dances they would show during the celebration. The hospital kept on working as usual, in spite of the preparations and the ongoing activities.

In the Mahanirvana morning a thin mist hovered over the centre and the riverbanks, giving the place an ethereal atmosphere.

Anil Baba and Guru Baba performed the Guru Puja followed by the Digbhandan of the place. In the meantime the sun started shining, clearing the thin mist.

The raising of the flag with our members and guests inaugurated the day then breakfast was offered to the people present. The Prasad we served at lunch fed more than two thousand people.

In the afternoon we gathered under the gazebo for the performances of the kids, followed by staff, doctors, Guru Baba and Anil Baba’s speeches about the activities of our association and the anniversary.

Until late in the night many groups alternated continuously on the stage, vying in singing chants and bajans.

Thanks to the ones who worked for the success of the day.

It was an anniversary we spent peacefully commemorating Shri Aghoreshwar.