Anil Baba in Italy



Baba Surya Dev Ramji, everyone knows as Anil Baba, was in Italy this summer. He met the members and the friends of the Italian association and attended some events.

I wish to recall that Anil Baba served and followed Shri Aghoreshwar tirelessly from 1985 to 1992, when He left His body. In 1988 he gave his kidney to Baba Aghoreshwar and from the very first time He came to Italy, in November-December 1988, Anil Baba has always been by His side all four times He came, until Diwali in 1991.


 Anil Baba came to Italy many times but he hasn’t been back for some years.

This year he was a guest at ‘A pranzo dal Maharaja’, the lunch that was held for the pupils of the Shri Aghoreshwar Gurukul in Nella, Domenico and their children’s farm who are always kind and generous, making their wonderful place available to us. It was a very good opportunity to introduce Anil Baba to the people present who could met the one who runs the centre, its school and hospital on the outskirts of Varanasi (Benares) with endless love and devotion.


 In Vimercate he attended the presentation of diplomas of C.O.I.’s Italian Course for Foreigners where Viviana teaches, and visited the MUST (Territory Museum). At Bhagwan Bhaddra and Nalini’s he was present at the meeting of the Italian association.


 We made some short trips in Milan, Florence, Siena and Venice as well.


Anil Baba spent this time peacefully, bringing peace and happiness to the Siddhapith in Mezzago and taking a short rest period from the many tasks he has to deal with when he is in India.


In July he has gone back to Benares with Guru Baba for Guru Purnima.

Thank you for coming, Babaji, see you soon!