The Italian Samadhi



Today is the twentieth anniversary of the inauguration of the Samadhi of Shri Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramji in Italy. The Samadhi in Mezzago is the only one that keeps a Kalash of the Master outside India.

Thinking back to these now distant memories, I will try to describe that very important day.


After following the body of Shri Aghoreshwar from New York to Varanasi and attending Samadhi ceremony in India, Guru Baba and Bhagwan Bhadra came back to Italy and soon afterwards Gururatna and Pryadesi went to Varanasi where they got a Kalash of Shri Aghoreshwar. Gururatna spent some days with Baba Aghoreshwar’s mother, Shri Maitrayini Yogini that was suffering from poor health. Baba’s mother died on January 13th, 1993, and after reaching New Delhi to come back to Italy, Gururatna came back to Varanasi to attend the funeral. In the meantime Guru Baba and the other Italians went on building the Samadhi to hold the Kalash of Shri Aghoreshwar following the instructions He himself gave before.


As soon as works were finished, the date for installing the Kalash was fixed and was given notice of this to all the disciples, devotees and sympathizers that had met our Baba during His long stays in Italy at the Siddhapith in Mezzago.

On the morning of April 17th, 1993, in the presence of many Italian and Indian people, Gururatna carried the urn to the Samadhi, preceded by Guru Baba who purified the way to the entry. Here he received from Gururatna the Kalash and put it into the Samadhi, sealing it, helped by the other devotees of the Master, Mastram, Bhagwan Bhadra, Pryadesi, etc. A Shiva-lingam was installed on the Samadhi, followed by Aarti and Guru Puja.


In the evening, the people present performed havan, concluding that wonderful day everyone lived intensely inside Aghoreshwar’s deep and serene happiness.