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Dawn is breaking, the sound of bells is ringing and chants interlace and become almost one melody coming from both the banks of the river, it’s still dark but the day begins early with devotion, concentration and feeling, and then it leaves room for daily actions and work.


Monsoon hasn’t revealed itself in all its power yet but after many days of hot weather rain has arrived at last, with a light tapping in the beginning and then with loud and strong showers. Rain mixed with many small white flowers falling from teak trees, covering the paths of the garden, and forming soft natural carpets.


I like staying in the garden working or simply watching the many kinds of flowers, plants, butterflies and all the animals living there without being disturbed by our presence.

School started in July and, as every year, enrolments closed very quickly with 408 pupils; large classes have been split to follow all the kids properly and new teachers have been recruited. All the boys and girls who go to secondary school, high school and university passed. As usual, when the school year begins, we handed out books, schoolbags, uniforms and the material pupils need.


Many kids stay after school to do homework and have a snack, at home they haven’t got the time and the chance to study because adults involve them in many kinds of work.



Music, dance and singing lessons go on; on August 15th, the Independence Day, a very appreciated show was organized. Students of every class took part in it and performed having fun and applying themselves before parents, friends and villagers.

I wish to thanks all the people who help us and support our children in their education and life.

The new terrace on the river is verdant, we planted lentils, and corn. Now the view on the river is very beautiful, after long time I saw Ganges river dolphin again.


The room that will contain batteries for solar power plant is finished, and within a few days a good 42 solar panels will be installed. The solar plant was given to us with great generosity and will provide energy for the school, the hospital and for all the needs of the ashram.


Every day many people come on a visit or out of need, our doctors are always very busy with the great number of patients and their pathologies; during this season it’s very easy to fall ill because of the weather.


Days fly by in many activities and new project to follow: masonry works, gardening, school, hospital but the place is so perfect that you can keep the concentration deep down inside and the will to realize “inside” and outside constant.


At sunset I watch the lovely and elegant flight of the dragonflies circling incessantly through the garden, a light breeze coming from the river pleasantly cools the air; peacocks walk looking for food they find in abundance, scent of incense and the conscious deep happiness inside the real being.