Gurupurnima Mahotsava 2012


The temple by night

After some short pre-monsoon storm, the weather has become hot again even if some degrees below season’s highest. This allowed us to finish some works before the rains but the delay in monsoons can turn into a tragedy for millions of farmers.

While we were removing the last heaps of stones, Anil Baba noticed a suspicious movement, stopping everyone immediately and ordering to proceed with extreme caution. These heaps, besides sheltering nice mongooses, give shelter to other not very pleasant guests as well, such as snakes, scorpions and scolopendras (Centipedes).

Taking the stones away carefully, one by one, in the end, from the last ones, a common Indian Krait (Bungarus caeruleus) came out. Naturally not very aggressive and shy, if it is threatened or trampled, it attacks and its bite is much more poisonous than the Cobra bite. India is the country with the highest number of deaths from snake bites but contrary to what one can think, it’s principally vipers, not cobras, to ensure this sad leadership.


Babloo and Happy

Babloo caught it by the tail and held it dangling like a piece of string while, smiling, he told me that it was a very poisonous Krait. Shortly after also a small thirty-centimeter long python came out from the same heap of stones. Both the guests were pleasantly turned out and set free in an uninhabited area on the bank.

This year the Puja started three days before Guru Purnima through a ritual performed with Khatvanga and Kapala after which Anil Baba and Guru Baba lit the dhuni.


During the meeting

Preparating the place for the occasion involved all the people present and many members. This year the gigantic gazebo that covers the stage and welcomes the visitors was put up right on the new terracing with a beautiful sight on the river, letting us enjoy the refreshing breeze usually blowing on the banks. The decoration of the place, the installation of lights, the fitting of the stage and sound equipment went on until late in the night.

Guru Purnima morning was serene and hot. Anil Baba and Guru Baba did the Havan at the Dhuni; then, with Ananda Bhairava and Trishul Tufan, performed Digbandhan ritual with the Khatvanga and the Kapala.


Last rehearsals

After the Puja, the Aarti in the temple and the ceremony of hosting the flag done by our guest, Shri Manoj Kumarji (I.A.S.), preceded the handing out of breakfast. Anil Baba and Guru Baba began to meet disciples and devotees until lunch time. Our members, our boys and girls, and many volunteers served Prashad (blessed food) to everyone. At least two thousand meals at lunch while, at night, we served a little less than a thousand meals. Our staff worked tirelessly, having lunch or dinner only when all the visitors were served and fed.


Prashad for the guest

At about 4 pm we gathered under the huge gazebo to begin the meeting before Anil Baba, Guru Baba, Manoj Kumar, our doctors, the members, the teachers, and some representatives of education, administration, and culture in the city who honoured us by their presence.


The audience crams the gazebo

After our girls welcomed the guests, a programme of dances, chants, and plays has been going on for almost four hours, and, in the end, the guests, our doctors and members, Guru Baba and Anil Baba adressed short speeches on the activities of the centre and the Aghor spiritual path to the people present.

The evening Aarti and the handing out of dinner preceded the long exhibitions of many singers and musicians who have entertained the guests until dawn.


Music bands alternate all night long

A festival day spent happily and peacefully.