Mahanirvana Diwas 2011


Guru Charan Paduka Mandir

Here I am again in Varanasi accompanied by ChandraMa (Selene). She has come back to print the new comic book for Indian children. The local Save the Children branch has shown great interest in her latest work and has asked for some copies for its regional offices.  Instead, many hundreds of comics will be given out in the villages near the ashram. Mast Ram (Alfonso) has been here for two months and, when we reach, welcomes us together with all the others.

ChandraMa with part of the children

The garden is wonderfully adorned with many-colored flowers that seem to float on the grass surrounded by plants of a shining green.

Winter is quickly drawing near, the days are tepid and in the evening the cold starts timidly being felt, sometimes accompanied by the haze from sunset to dawn.


Milk in the morning for the kids


There are only two days before Mahanirvana Diwas, celebrated every year in the Aghori centers of Varanasi, that is to say the Samadhi of Shri Aghoreshwar, the ashram in Paraw, the Krin Kund Baba Kina Ram Sthal and our ashram, the Avimukta Ganga Maa Siddhapith. Everything has to be prepared quickly.

Decorating with flowers


The space to put up a gigantic gazebo, with a tubular framework and covered with cloth, has to be prepared to host the stage for the performances and the audience that will be present. Light ornaments are quickly hung on the main building, on the temple and along the internal paths. Camp beds and blankets for the hundred people who will stay for the night have been rented; and, during this day, more than two thousand meals will certainly have to be cooked.

Puri preparation


The center and the temple are adorned with lots of flowers. Our doctor R. Singh has even come with a car full of flowers and some laborers who will help her preparing flower garlands until evening. Obviously, everything has been prepared perfectly, even though it has been necessary to work hard late into the night.

Dr. R. Singh with a heap of flower malas


The morning was clear and sunny, promising an ideal day. At seven o’clock, Guru Baba, Anil Baba, Chandra Ma, Happy and Bablù did the havan in honor of Shri Aghoreshwar. Then there was Digbhandan Puja with the Aghor Khatvanga. The Khatvanga has been brought back in this world rescuing it from the oblivion of centuries and will assure protection and spiritual strength to the Avimukta Ganga Maa Siddhapeeth.


Prashad is given to the guests


After this ancient puja we hoisted the flag of the association and started to welcome the visitors giving them the breakfast: aluha (sweet wheat semolina) and chana (chickpeas).




At one p.m. the lunch was served and at three p.m. we met under the huge gazebo to start the public meeting. The lawyer B. N. Singh, after his words of welcome, read the report of the activities of the last year and introduced the guests. Mr. Manoj Kumar, I.A.S., special guest, followed by our doctors, addressed the people present giving short speeches that caught the attention of everybody. Guru Baba and Anil Baba closed the meeting with their contribution, starting off the performances of the kids.

A moment of the meeting


The teachers sung a song and then the school kids began to chant and dance with great emotion.


The teachers welcome the people present with a song


On this occasion the kids debuted with a Katak dance performance. They follow Katak lessons as an extra-school activity in about fifty. Groups of our girls danced several Kataks and then their teacher launched out in a personal show, adorned with twenty centimeters of little bells on each of his legs, answering to the rhythm of the tablas and of one voice.


The girls present Katak dance


A Ravidas classic closed the performance of the Katak teacher on the stage. Anil Baba and Guru Baba began to sing Atma Ram followed by the audience. Manoj Kumar, Mast Ram and other disciples concluded the day with the evening havan. The dinner was served for the ones who stayed for the night.

The Katak teacher during his performance


After the performances of the kids, singers coming from many Aghori ashrams in the North followed one another to the microphone accompanied by harmoniums, tablas, drums and various harness bells, rocking us with their melodious compositions until dawn.

The Sadhus are singing

…and after them all the others, until dawn


It was a peaceful day, spent in an atmosphere of peace, serenity and happiness. The following morning we said goodbye to the ones who had to return to their duties.


The press reports the event at the Center