Mahanirvana Diwas 2010


Gujarati dance

Some days after my arrival, Marcello joined me and soon set to in ashram’s activities with great enthusiasm. This isn’t the first time he comes here, he knows the place very well and everybody knows him. He has no problem feeling at his ease.


Guru Charan Padhuka


On November 29th we celebrated Mahanirvana Diwas day. For many days disciples and friends have worked tirelessly until late in the night, setting up the place to welcome the guests. Food, camp beds, tents, blankets and everything necessary for the guests have been collected in advance. The previous day was gloomy and bad weather seemed to be forecast but Mahanirvana Diwas day was fine and sunny instead.


The Samadhi of Shri Aghoreshwar next to the Siddhapeeth


In the morning Anil Baba and Guru Baba performed the havaan in Shri Aghoreshwar’s honour with Bablu, Happy and Marcello, and then Dig Bhandan and Pujya Maa Shri Sarveshwari Seva Sangh flag-raising ceremony. Then we started to serve Prashad (holy food) to the guests.


Gurubaba and Anil Baba


Residents, teachers and volunteers cooked and served the lunch to all the people present until afternoon, when we opened the meeting inside the school.


Prashad served to the kids


Our kids welcomed the guests and sang some classical songs. Doctors and some friends of ours presented the association, then Guru Baba and Anil Baba give their short speeches.


Welcome to the guests


Chafing at the bit and excited, children launched into a long list of chants, dances and sketches until after eight in the evening. A traditional Gujarati dance and the performance of the story of king Harishchandra were the most characteristic shows.


Gujarati dance


In one of the plays kids performed “The children’s strike”, full of funny and instructive gags. Kids were on strike not only to ask to their parents more consciousness and attention towards them but also to ask them to drop their bad vices. A half-serious proposal to their parents.


Parents agree to striking children’s requests


After the performances of the kids, until the following morning, several groups of musicians and singers alternated, singing popular songs dedicated to Baba Aghoreshwar and to the Aghoris. More than two hundred people stayed at the ashram for the night.


The centre with light decorations


A happy event that every year express publicly our memory and love for the one who inspired us and wanted this centre for the benefit of the unluckiest persons.


Story of king Harishchandra


This year school has 374 pupils, a record for our registers.  In good part they are concentrated in the two classes of nursery school that we had to divide for numerical superabundance.


Girls sing Ahoranna Paro Mantro

Now that winter is drawing near, we have begun again to distribute a milk and rusk breakfast. I add often some jelebis, typical breakfast sweets that kids eat up. They are very underfed; there is no overweight kid in our school. Thirty of them are motherless or fatherless.


Twenty two of the thirty orphans


The hospital works as usual. The children of our school are helped daily for their season and childhood diseases. Our qualified staff performs operations weekly. External medical camps will begin soon. They are organized with the help and support of headmen and reach poor villages in distant country areas.


Sadhus at Mahanirvana Diwas


For the present that’s all but you will have news from this place lying happily on the banks of the Ganges soon.