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Indian winter


One of the classes of the youngest pupils

Cold starts biting. At night temperature falls below ten degrees centigrade and for the people living in precarious houses, the situation becomes very serious, especially if thermometer will keep falling.


Gurubaba and some of the orphans


We bought sweaters for the kids who needed one. Everything, necessary or not, one gives to them, makes them very glad. Their childhood is so empty that it takes so little to make them happy. Morning milk and sweet jelebis are tasted slowly, as if they were delicacies that, for most of the kids, are never available at home.


Children enjoy jelebis


Every day, to the sickroom, at least four or five kids arrive because of different diseases. Our hospital attends them free, as well as the teachers or the residents who need cures, and often assistance is extended to their family, too.


Tabla course


Every week the division of ophthalmology, guided by the tireless and irreplaceable doctor P. K. Singh, operates on ten to fifteen patients while the division of surgery and general medicine, with the doctors R. K. Singh and his wife Rajesh Singh, examines and operates on the cases which don’t need a specialist. Doctor Praveen, the young dentist, treat children’s, old and poor people’s dental problems.


Lamp guys lead bridal procession during the Vip marriage

One of our acquaintances, a person who holds an important position, invited us to his daughter’s marriage. Anil Baba and I made a fleeting appearance in the afternoon, but as marriages are celebrated late in the evening, Happy and Marcello came back to be present at the Vip ceremony.




Two elephants, band and illuminations, modern music band and high-class catering marked this rich marriage. Happy and Marcello liked it.




And besides, from Italy Marcello brought his tree climbing equipment, ropes and snap-hooks to climb the trees, and cut the highest and most difficult plants. A professional was what we need!


Another group at the tablas


You will find the report of activities, updated for 2010, on school and hospital web pages.


At the river


Regards from the Ganges