Marco Garofalo in Varanasi


Marco and Sabrina on the Ganges

I was informed when I had just arrived in India. Marco Garofalo, a professional photographer formerly Grazia Neri Agency, whom I had met briefly when he had come to shoot Chandra Maa (Selene) for some newspapers, was willing to visit our ashram in Varanasi to make a photo report on the place.


Anil Baba and the students

Unfortunately Marco couldn’t arrive on time for Guru Purnima but on July 29th he was crossing Siddhapith threshold and was immediately setting to work.


Maurizio, Rada and Anil Baba


I could spend only a few days with him then I had to come back to Italy but a few days later Gururatna replaced me.


Dr. Singh sees patients inside the hospital


Indian climate is very unpleasant and not so healthy during this season and Marco, for the first time in India, has complained of some heavy indisposition that hasn’t prevented him from going on with his work. Sabrina, Marco’s wife, wanted to reach him for a short journey in India and has been travelling with Gururatna till Varanasi.


Science lesson


After spending a few days at the ashram, Marco and Sabrina left for a brief journey before coming back to Italy. Two generous and noble persons. Thanks for their willingness and precious help.


Group greeting


We present a selection of some pictures by Marco, later on we will put his works inside the Photo Gallery. An exhibition of his pictures will be held at Bloom in Mezzago (MB) on November 28th.