Navaratri in India


  Siddhapeeth’s temple


Our Mast Ram and Bhagwan Bhadra haven’t been back long. They spent Navaratri in India, at the Siddhapheet in Varanasi. When they got back, they told us of the activities of the association.


Bhagwan Bhadra inside the temple


The hospital did its last medical camp in Bihar, before the beginning of the hot weather that has violently arrived towards the end of Navaratri.


Mast Ram and Charan Paduka


School year is ending and kids are preparing for exams.


Medical camp in Bihar


Miss Durga, residing in USA with her family and husband, a Shri Aghoreshwar’s disciple, her daughter Mega and a friend of theirs Maria Isabel visited us and so they could spend some days in Varanasi and attend at the final part of Navaratri.


Mega and Maria Isabel serve the little girls during Kumari Puja


Durga, Mega and Maria dressed and prepare the little girls for Kumari Puja, closing and thank-you act of Navaratri, during which youngest little girls has been honoured as Kumari Devi, the Goddess (Shakti) in her purest and most powerful form. In this ritual, little girls are worshipped, embellished, got dressed with new clothes, refreshed and treated with the greatest honour.


High school girls


Here are some words by Mast Ram and Bhagwan Bhadra about their Navaratri:


“Pranam everybody.

The last night, after Aarti, we went down to the holy river for the closing act of Navaratri, to give the river the offerings we made during this period of prayer. Navaratri have started nine days before in an optimal climate, days weren’t too hot and nights were cool. During this period the major effort we have to face is the inner concentration, our mind rebels at it with greater force but persevering in one’s own Mantra can reverse the situation. We met Anil Baba, Master of this spot, only when we were picking up the flowers for the offerings and during the evening hawan that went on in a pleasant atmosphere with music and chants giving a holy aspect to this event. The weather has changed, temperature exceeded 40 degrees in the shade and a far hotter wind was restlessly blowing most of the afternoon; in a moment everything got dry, flowers withered and it was almost impossible to leave the room early in the afternoon. Even so we were happy and satisfied with being in that Divine Place.


Mega and Maria prepare the little girls for the Puja


Our wish to all the brothers and sisters of the Family is that this period of prayer may have brought and bring new inspiration, new vision and more serenity to our being.

Mast Ram and Bhagwan Bhadra