Chandra Ma is back to Kabul


Some of the kids of Kabul orphanage

Dear friends,

Chandra Ma (Selene) went back to Kabul on the last December 7, after being evacuated with the UN staff because of guesthouse attack during the election time at the end of October.

Kids are given gifts

She resumed her work on the schoolbook in Dari  language for the Afghanistan Ministry of Education and, at the same time, she holds the reins of YAC and of all the other voluntary and youth commitment projects, that gave her many recognitions and awards in international field.

Selene’s last effort is an on-line magazine for European young people, Young Innovations Europe, a project accepted with great success and which attracted media attention.
Apart from her official commitment and others projects, Chandra Ma is trying to bring a little relief to the sad realities around her.

Chandra Ma with some of the kids

In Kabul, tormented by over thirty years of wars, needs are endless and a person alone is limited in her possibilities of aid because of her means and political and cultural situation; however it is from small things, from what we can do in our everyday life that new things can be born.

After visiting the orphanage, that takes 350 kids in, many times and seeing their needs, she decided to start bringing them something. She did her first purchases at the city bazaar and then she took them to the orphanage and distributed to the kids.

First gifts for the kids

These kids have no parents or father, no families which can adopt or grow them. Of course they were very happy for receiving these simple gifts as usually nobody gives them anything. Selene brought not only small gifts but, above all, care and love, never enough for unlucky kids such as these ones.
Chandra Ma will periodically go back to visit these kids, giving them some little comfort, a smile, a good word.

Other kids of the orphanage

Her next return in Italy is expected for the end of January, but she won’t stay at home for long. She has been called, together with other 180 Young Global Leaders, chosen amongst 800, to take part in the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

She will be one of the few dissenting attendances compared to the powerful people in  economy, spokeswoman of the will of renewal and social, humanitarian and environmental sensibility of the best European young people. 

We wish her all the best.