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Back from Kashi


Dear friends, our four members who spent Navaratri in India have come back. They all lived their journey with satisfaction and happiness, mixing the moments of contact with surroundings and people and the deep moments of Navaratri.

Mariuccia and Sabrina, who met Shri Aghoreshwar during his visits in Italy, have known India since 1995, since before the centre was built, when Anil Baba was living on a boat at anchor in the middle of Ganges in front of Baba Aghoreshwar’s Samadhi. Through the years they have come back at various times and have seen the centre being built and growing.

Patrizia also met Baba in Italy while her husband Maurizio has known Benares and Shri Aghoreshwar since 1980. When He was in Italy, Baba went to their house too. It was her second visit to Benares after some years. While for Viviana this was her first adventure on Indian soil.

During this period they could go into knowledge of Kinarami tradition, visiting some place bound up with it and other places where Shri Aghoreshwar spent some of his last earthly life. They were present at Kumari Puja at the end of Navaratri and at all ashram events. They could meet the little girls they have adopted to help them during the study period: Anisha by Mariuccia, Renu by Sabrina and Radha by Patrizia. They also met the other fifty boys and girls that continue their studies in external schools, sponsored by many other Italian people and by the association. Radha goes to a special school for the blind in Sarnath, place famous for Buddha’s first public sermon. They visited the centre all together and they were moved to tears on seeing the kids.

During their stay hot weather and humidity were still high but this hasn’t kept them from immersing in the Indian universe and in ashram’s magic atmosphere. Their enthusiasm was always high and didn’t allow small troubles to damage their stay.

Maybe they have come back leaving a piece of them in Kashi.