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Viviana’s trip



Viviana’s impressions of her Navaratri in Benares:

My first travel to India and I am here since a little bit more than a week. After some disorientation in the very first days, I started to observe with care and respect ashram’s life. We are celebrating Navaratri feast, rhythms have changed and we have time enough to do those things that sometimes, involved in our everyday life, we are not used to do anymore: look, listen, learn.

It’s early in the morning and I’m sitting just in front of the river dimmed by the fog that make  the outline of the opposite river bank  just fuzzy.


It’s all very peaceful so I can think about what I’ve been seeing during these days. The builder with Ram Kirpal, the children sitting down in classes after morning prayer, Happy in the temple making malas with flowers,  the painter painting kitchen red, someone else cleaning, cooking, arranging everything for Mahanisha.

With my travel mates I get into the way of washing plates and bowls of previous night havan as if this small act would mean clean and cut something even from my mind.

All in the simplest manner , without masks and poses, the only thing you are supposed to do is to be and discover yourself. With the feeling of finding roots and finally home.


I hug you all,