Luh, the hot wind of Jambodweep.

Dear friends, the rain is yet to come and the heath has increased in these past two weeks. The thermometer goes up and it doesn’t seem to be stopping.

In the northern plains the summer is hot, dry and long. We fight for breath while waiting for some sporadic storms to come and ease the situation. The wind, blowing when the temperature rises, shakes the heath from the ground rendering the air unbreathable. This wind goes by the name of ‘Luh,’ and it burns your skin, dehydrates you and can cause further illnesses and faints.

Whenever the heath hits higher levels, windstorms are created. This phenomenon is better observed in open spaces like in the countryside. All of a sudden a strong wind seems to give way to a storm, while the horizon gets darker and broader. It breaks tree branches, destroy roofs or makeshift huts, moves sand, dust and dirt from the ground. Sometimes it gives way to a little rain though. At least two people died from it in the city lately.

I am attaching the pictures I took from the ashram terrace.

The work in progress in instead getting more and more exacting. A part from the heath, other logistical problems are affecting the operations. This work specifically requires stones for the foundations and the wall. The trucks struggle due to the fact that the road to the ashram is currently under maintenance. Any truck can transport up to 45 tons, and more often than not it gets stuck in the ground during manoeuvres. Some of the loads have been left where the trucks got stuck, many never got to the gate and got unloaded in the arid yard next to the ashram. Hence, the loads will have to be dragged inside somehow.

The doctors keep up with the weekly routine to cure season’s illnesses.

Some of the older girls – those attending schools outside of the ashram – come in the afternoon to hone their computer skills, while others attend sewing or music courses.

This afternoon Tewariji’s daughter, Pryanka, got married. The wedding took place at the ashram. A dedicated piece of news will follow swiftly.