Maha Nirvana Diwas 2022 and Magh Mela 2023



Every return to the Siddhapeeth of Varanasi is always a source of joy and spiritual satisfaction. The place, filled with many years of repeated rituals and mantras, is adorned with a special atmosphere that is almost palpable. Innumerable holy and ancient souls take their abode there in various subtle and physical forms, inspiring true seekers on the way to the inner progress and touching their deep being.


On November 29th, 2002 we celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of Shri Aghoreshwar’s Maha Nirvana Diwas performing Havan and Aghor Digbandhan to protect the place. On January 13th we commemorate Ma Maitrayini Yogini with Bandara.


The school has more than two hundred and fifty children enrolled in the current school year. We distributed to them sweater and padded jackets to face the winter cold weather and gave them school supplies and some toys. They are also often involved in creative and manual activities to make their potentialities grow.


Two to three times a year we take them for a day trip to the surroundings. Every morning we give them breakfast because most of them cannot have one at home. These children, even though they live in extreme poverty, are always smiling and cheer up the heart of us adults with their playfulness and lightheartedness.


With seven camps organized between December 2022 and February 2023 the medical staff reached remote and poor rural areas, examining free thousands of elderly people and other persons, giving them medicines and glasses. Then they operated those in need in the hospital in Varanasi. More than two hundred patients have undergone cataract surgery. The tireless and invaluable work of Anil Baba and of the doctors of the center is praiseworthy.


At the end of January 2023 we came back to Prayagraj for Magh Mela during Mauni Amavasya. We rented a small camp with two tents for some day and we left with two cars full of everything we need for our stay.


The fog enveloped the place overnight, giving a surreal and mysterious air to what is considered the biggest religious and spiritual meeting in the world. The flow of believers and devotees is really amazing and the tent city to host them very huge. From the bridges crossing the bed of the rivers, which are dry for winter, one can admire its spreading out as far as the eye can see. According to official sources twenty million people have come here for that occasion.


Like every time the stay in the Siddhapeeth, apart from the time one spends there, is source of great joy, calm and peace within oneself and allow people to enrich their personal path to the knowledge.