On 24th July 2021 we met at Siddha Peeth Samadhi of Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ram Ji in Mezzago to celebrate Gurupurnima, a very important anniversary for seekers during which they commemorate and pay homage to the Spiritual Master.
After a week of preparations, celebrations started with an Aarti to the Guru, followed by the Guru Paduka Puja, the words Shri Guru Baba ji addressed to the people present, and then the offerings to the fire.
The day passed in harmony and in the joyful happiness of Aghoreshwar.



Speech of Shri Guru Baba Ji

Mezzago, 24th July 2021 – Gurupurnima
Welcome, everybody, to this Gurupurnima day. As you all already know, this is a very important day for us during which we pay homage to the Universal Guru and to our embodied Master. It is an annual anniversary, very special for the Aghoris, and, in our tradition, the ones who couldn’t visit the Guru, because they were far or for any other reasons, should visit Him on this day at least and pay homage to Him.
We are living in very hard times. Humanity is in great difficulty. Even our Baba has told that there are dark souls, negative forces who are making a malevolent maneuver against all the humanity worldwide. Even if this situation may seem overwhelming and insuperable to us, we shouldn’t lose our faith, we shouldn’t lose our will to improve.
On this day, in which you will make your offerings to the fire, offer your positive feeling, offer your will of resolution, offer a loving thought to all the souls that have been suffering, that are passed away and that still suffer in this very hard time.
We are not alone. Masters of the past, masters of today, souls of light, all are joining together in prayer and in their willpower to overcome this very difficult moment. When we go and make the offerings to the fire, we should try to keep our mind stable and focused and, every time you will offer something to the fire, send one positive thought, one loving thought, too.
On this day we will be together with other souls of light, we will be together with the Masters of the past and of today, and we will bring our action on the subtle level so that this unpleasant and hard situation may soon come to an end.
Therefore try to approach the fire with determined will, with great concentration. When you make your offerings, for the ones who don’t know it yet, your index finger must not touch your offerings. The offerings must be made with the other fingers. You shouldn’t bring plastic or synthetic objects with you to the fire, and, possibly, wear natural fibers, cotton or whatever else. However, the most important thing is without a doubt the concentration and willpower you will instill together with your offerings.
May this day be a day of great happiness and great collective effort.
Happy Gurupurnima, everybody!



In the afternoon, some disciples of Shri Guru Baba ji wanted to share their thoughts on the importance of the Guru and their inner experience, expressing also their great gratitude.



Here below their words:

“I would like to start from a dream I had a couple of years ago. While I was going down the stairs, just down the steps, Baba Aghoreshwar was waiting for me.
He was enveloped in a bright light and, as soon as He saw me, with a beautiful smile, He opened His arms to hug me. I ran towards Him to be wrapped in His embrace, while I was saying: ‘Thank you, thank you, for everything you do for us’.
So, with this simple word, THANK YOU, I would like to express all my gratitude, my benevolence, my love to another Master, Guru Baba, for all He has done for me, for my family and for all the Indian community together with Gururatna.
I can’t imagine how my life could have been without the path traced by them, a very hard path that I want to go until the end of my life.
Thank you!”.

Patrizia Lalitha Devi 



“Dear Guru Baba, dear Gururatna, dear brothers and sisters, I am very happy to spend with you all this day of celebration and share the joy of this moment in the loving feeling of Aghoreshwar.
We are going through a very difficult period, not only for us but for all the humanity. Darkness, lie, fear and unawareness reigns everywhere, putting many people’s lives and the very meaning of what is a human being to the test. However we have been taught to be strong and proud as lions and not to be afraid of circumstances, no matter how bad they may be. What we can do is face these circumstances and we can do it thanks to the Mantra our Guru has given to us, with generosity and sentiment.
In my small way and on my skin, I have realized that, if our practice remains constant, if we follow the teachings we have been given and if we serve our Guru with sincerity, devotion and dedication, our life can really change, as well as our attitude towards ourselves and the others. In this way we can understand what really matters and arrange our daily life so that it may be in harmony and one with our spiritual life and our membership to the Sarveshwari Samooh. We must not be afraid of giving all we can give for the good of other beings because Baba Aghoreshwar teaches us that the feeling we give is the feeling we receive. This is one of the teachings I have tried to learn and put into practice right from the beginning. Often I have wondered whether what I am doing is really enough to reward love and attention I have received in these years.
I have realized that, after founding my Guru, Guru Baba Ji, Gururatna Maa, Anil Baba Ji and the rest of the family, I would not need anything else, I would not have to look for anything else. I have realized that right here is where I want to be and that this is the way I want to live my life. In the service, in the hope of always having Guru’s grace, which is what allow us to face this life of dream with calm and balance and to realize who we really are”.

Katyayani Tara 



“Pranam to everyone.
Today we are here in this sacred place to celebrate the essence of the Divine Guru, united in the spirit with the sisters and brothers who are in the other sacred place on the banks of the Ganges and to all the souls that are following this celebration and that today, reunited, will give their feeling.
Mankind is facing a very difficult time, a wave of dark negativity has covered the Earth and has clouded minds and hearts of those that could be once called human beings.
The lie has replaced the truth and it seems to rule undisputed.

Even the spiritual sphere has been defiled by this immoral trend, for quite some time.
False masters, more or less exotic looking, skillful with the tongue but devoid of real feeling and knowledge, are able to charm the weak minds of those who are not able to see beyond the surface and the appearance.
‘Appearance is the human living, Essence is Divine Knowledge’, tells us the Almighty Aghoreshwar.
This sacred place is the abode of Essence.

Fifteen years ago I joined this Sacred Family, and my first journey to the Ashram had just ended a few months before.
Fifteen years has gone like a blow of wind but still I remember it as if it was yesterday.
I still remember that feeling, as if the Great Aghoreshwar took me gently in the palm of his hands and brought me from here to the other Ashram.
A deep feeling of home and protection, the same feeling of a child in the arms of his Mother.
Every time I remember Aghoreshwar with my mind in the heart I still have the same feeling.
Dear Gururatna Maa, Guru Baba ji and Anil Baba ji, fifteen years ago you opened the door of your Heart, the door of your Home to me, and showed me the Path that leads to the Truth of the Great Aghoreshwar. I will be eternally thankful for all the help, the support, the deep loving feeling and the invaluable teachings that you all have been giving me. Probably countless lives won’t be enough to pay you back the debt of love that I owe you.

In this day we celebrate united the Greatness of the Guru.
For us Aghoris, there is nothing greater and more important than the Guru.
One of the greatest realizations of the Aghori Masters is to consider the whole mankind as a Great Family. Aghoris are the servants of mankind.
To serve his own Guru is the Greatest Duty of a disciple, and the great opportunity to show his own devotion and to get really close to the Him. Devotion, as Baba says, is the sacred action of the disciple and is the divine expression towards the Divine Supreme Aghoreshwar.

To really serve the Master is not that simple. We can offer Him a thousand flowers and bow to Him hundreds of times, but if we forget his teachings as soon as we turn away from him and we fall again in the mediocrity of the world of dream, without changing our behavior and our habits, we are not showing him our devotion and we are not getting close to him.
Silent action, sacrifice, perseverance, concentration inside the Mantra and in the deep of our own real being, loving feeling for all the beings, are the real tools and offerings that will allow us to get close to the Master, to understand his teachings and maybe to enjoy his Grace. In the heart of the disciple it should be Gurupurnima everyday. Without realizing completely the teachings of the Guru and without his grace, it will be very difficult to cross the Ocean of life in this dark world of dream.

Instead, those who have taken refuge on the the boat of Sarveshwari and that completely rely on the Guru, have nothing to fear. It doesn’t matter how high and threatening are the waves of the Ocean of life, the circumstances of this illusory world of dream are just tests that must be faced and passed with enthusiasm and courage by the seeker of spirit.
Fear nothing, sisters and brothers in the Guru. Rejoice instead, because the Sun of the Dharma came back to shine in these Western Lands.

Dear Aughar Guru Baba ji, Jewel of the Dharma and Ocean of Compassion, dear Gururatna Maa, Loving Mother and Divine Gem, may your Light and your Feeling always guide us on our path and bring relief to all the suffering beings of this dark age.
Rejoice in this bright day, dear sisters and brothers, because who dwells in Aghoreshwar, has the Aghoreshwar taking care of his troubles”.

Rudra Abhishek 



“I would like to thank Guru Baba for every word and every silence.
For teaching to learn through silence.
For teaching that often silence is the very teaching.
It is such a great gift to be able to experience it.
I would like to thank Guru Baba for always being present in the lives of all of us, his disciples, even before we met him. We can feel his presence in all the fundamental events that have marked our life and our action.
Guru Baba is used to talking about balance in a human being’s life. About how much it is important.
This a time of great imbalance. But it is also a precious chance to act so that this balance may be restored.
We will work hard to reach this goal through our practice and the teachings our Guru have given us which aims are harmony and sharing.
As our Guru’s disciples and sons, we will strive for feeling us as a single body, beyond our individual differences, in the service of his divine will in which we believe and towards which we point.
May the faith in you, Guru, and love for the divine Mother always support and lead us”.

Laura Sarojini Devi