The Mantra is your friend


With Mantra Guru gives you a friend. A friend should be like the earth revolving round the sun looking for light and nourishment. Light dissipates darkness and men find peace. You can even conquer the world but you are won by your own children. This happens because you haven’t turned your children into friends. Watching your own behaviour is more important than concentrating in meditation, this is the true worship. A Mantra is a word or a series of words. Who is given it must be a man with firm purposes. You go to the temples to beg before gods. What can they give you since you have lost yourselves? Worship the Shakti, not the materiality. Worship the power that enables you to be a good person. Have a balanced behaviour. Lack of balance isn’t good for you and your family. You should became one plus one is eleven, not one plus one is two.
A spiritual movement is organization, and an organization is moulded by behaviour. Examining carefully moments and situations, what principles we have to follow and how we relate to others, we should consider all this with great attention. Don’t fill your mind with the holy scriptures because they will led you astray and make you lead a meaningless life. You will develop an inferiority complex.We visit temples and places of pilgrimage, doing so, we push aside the men God has created to worship the deity man has conceived. This is nothing but leading astray. A stone icon merely stares at you. It is inert. The day on which you will realize that you are the deity and that the icon is the perception of your mind, you and the icon will become the same thing. The day on which you will realize God’s truth, you will stop adoring icons and you will be able to get closer to yourselves. You will be in the state in which you will be inspired not to do negative things. You would want to be divine. You will see God inside yourselves and will talk with saints and mahatmas. You will be able to stay close to the divine while you are busy with your business. Then money and the elements of worship won’t be necessary.

As you dissociate yourselves from yourselves, saints and mahatmas don’t tell you what they should tell you. They don’t look for your offerings and don’t try to take advantage of you. To those building palaces and prosperous only in a material way, saints and mahatmas don’t say what they must do. In short these palaces are sacked and thrown into the rubbish of history. Those living in the huts aren’t destroyed this way. We Sadhus are the ones living in the huts. The memory of us lasts even when we are dead and gone. Those following us will lead a life like ours voluntarily. When I hadn’t no means of support I begged food and lived in a hut. I had learnt to stay alone and not to approach the others. Oh yes, even if you don’t approach the others, love them. And love doesn’t know rules and limits. Our attitude towards the men God has created should be impeccable. Every moment of our life we must rule despicable feelings. We must produce purity of thought and action, and our behaviour must reflect into our Self.

We can shower worldly goods on our children but we cannot shower the right behaviour on them. This is something they have to develop by themselves. And they will have to work hard for this. They will have to struggle. We have unlimited goods, the good of devotion, of trust, of knowledge, of serving our Guru, the richness of our culture and country. Because of our low instincts we haven’t been able to help ourselves so that these goods could bear fruit. Picking them is our birth right. It is our heir. If we aren’t able to help the others, let’s try at least to help ourselves. Be vigilant, watch if you are going the wrong way or seeing wrong people. If you have avoided all this you have done yourselves a favour. This is holiness. Once I asked my Guru what holiness is. He said that it wasn’t a matter of bookish knowledge. Holiness is the very practice. Books are lacking in practice. Practical things happen in real life.

Someone may have not liked what I said. I didn’t borrow all the things I said from my Guru. He gave me some advices I started to understand just now. I hope you caught the advices I gave you, otherwise I cannot help you.