Finding the centre


Kids waiting for breakfast


One of the recurring questions you hear in Christmas days is: “What are you going to do on New Year’s Eve?”  Usually you answer without enthusiasm: “I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet”. Or: “I will have lunch with some friends of mine”. This year we had the good luck to celebrate New Year’s Day with the kids of the school Shri Aghoreshwar Gurukul, a gift we decided to allow ourselves to rally and have an experience of discovery and relationship, to try to find outside and inside ourselves the simple and real things in life again.

Milk for breakfast for the youngest ones


And, to do this, we have thought to color and paint some mandalas with all the school kids. Mandalas are circular images, present in many cultures and with a very ancient tradition, that bring men back to their very centre.

The kids of the school Shri Aghoreshwar Gurukul


The energy of the kids of the school can be recognized by the rush with which they pick the colors of the felt tips we scatter on their desks, by the attention and the very great care with which they use them to color the mandalas we have cut out for them, by the curiosity with which they observe the final results, by the surprise of seeing them hung on their classroom walls and by their satisfied smile when they recognize their own mandala among the other ones, by the cheerful and amused comments while they observe the poster including all the drawings in a bigger circle.


In the mustard field


Mandalas can be drawn as well as “experienced”, as you can see in many folk dances and in a ring-a-ring-o’-roses; we saw this among the small groups of kids playing with the very colored “spirogiro” and drawing very nice circular shapes as if by magic; we felt this inside while we were drawing the outlines with the colored chalks to paint mandalas on the school walls and we felt a very intense emotion: for a moment, we felt the awareness, ephemeral like the chalk mark on the wall, of having found the centre.

Bea and Sara