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Indian dinner


Shri Aghoreshwar Gurukul school kids


The Indian dinner our organization put on in collaboration with Bloom (Mezzago) in support of Shri Aghoreshwar Gurukul school kids, was a great success.

Our members planned the event long in advance to draw attention to the activities of the school of Varanasi. The awareness campaign made with the help of Bloom’s staff filled the spacious hall the well-known club provided.


Bloom’s hall is full!

The dinner, based on Indian flavours, took a long time to be prepared and the various tasks were divided up: some people fit out the place and some people cooked.


Serving out

We were asked to prepare a vegetarian menu and our members cooked rice, vegetable sabji, cauliflowers, chickpeas, potatoes, spinach, vegetable rissoles, grilled vegetables, flat bread, pappards, snacks and sweets.


Mariuccia and Sabrina cooking vegetable sabji

Adele, Mariuccia, Pinuccia, Viviana, Stefania, Sabrina, Patrizia, Ivana, Germano, Nevio, Mauro prepared the dishes at home while the others have arranged the hall and the tables for more than one hundred people.


Nevio cooks pappards (cereal flat bread) on the piota (soapstone)

An Indian classical music compilation was the background music of this very demanding event, appreciated and welcomed by the people present.


Grilled vegetable ready to be served

Our kids sincerely thank all the people present.