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Trip to Varanasi


Visit to Kumbha Mela


A group of members of our association in Italy decided to visit the centre of Varanasi. So, while Marcello was coming back to Italy, Germano (Bhagwan Bhadra), Nevio, Mariuccia, Patrizia, Sabrina and Stefania with her daughter Lucrezia were arriving. Here’s their account.


Bhagwan Bhadra and Lucrezia

The days after our arrival has coincided with the coldest moment and we have taken the opportunity of giving out heavy clothes to the school kids. Lucrezia, five years old, immediately became a friend of all the children of the school. A great experience she has fully enjoyed and she will tell to her nursery school mates in Italy.


Clothes for kids


January 13th was, the Mahasamadhi of Shri Aghoreshwar’s mother, Maha Maitrayini Yogini. Day began early, we were happy to help our Indian brothers for the preparations for the success of this celebration.


Sabrina cuts vegetables for sabji


Each of us had a job, some helped cut vegetables for the lunch, while others were offering biscuits, candies and jelebis or were giving out clothes. There were many people, not only the kids of the school but also people of the village. There was a good atmosphere, the day ended with a visit to the Samadhi of Baba and Mataji.


The Samadhi of Mataji


The second week weather began to become better and so we made a trip to the surroundings of Varanasi, visiting the places linked to Shri Aghoreshwar’s and Aghori Kinarami’s lives. In Hariharpur, Manihara, Ramgarh and Krim Kund, the places where Baba Aghoreshwar and Baba Kina Ramji lived, we paid homage and showed respect.


Prashad for Mataji Day


As we sponsor some children for their high school studies, we meant to spend an afternoon with them, taking picture of them and their families at home.


Anisha and her family


From door to door, more and more kids joined us, forming a cheerful procession. Although they live in poverty, they opened their home giving us sweets, water and what they could offer. We realized even more how important is the help coming from Italy. We hope that the support given to them and their enthusiasm for school may lead them to have a better future.


Village close to the ashram


While we were there, in Allahbad, about 130 km from Varanasi, Kumbha Mela or ‘Feast of the pot’ began in the spot, called Prayag, where Yamuna joins with the Ganges.


Kumbha Mela camp


The climax of the feast coincides with full moon day, when millions of devotees came there for taking a purification bath at the confluence of the rivers. We cannot be there for the main day but we wanted to go to Kumbha Mela all the same to see the immense camp.


Stefania during the Prashad for the kids

We left very early in the morning, the day was quite cold, we were equipped with backpacks, camera and video camera. Our chants accompanied us throughout the trip, around 130 km, to reach our destination. Sunita, one of our girls, was with us. It was her first time in Allahabad.

Patrizia dries kids after the bath


To reach the city, we had to cross a long bridge from where one can see the huge Kumbha Mela camp they were setting up on the sand bed between the two rivers. During rainy season this area is completely flooded. We left our car and go directly to the bank and we took a boat to reach the point where the rivers join, followed by a cloud of gulls looking for food.


On the boat towards the confluence of Yamuna and Ganges

We went there and, rocked by our boat, we did a small puja, offering coconuts to the holy river. When we got back to the bank, Sunita was happy and, even if wind was very cold, she wanted to have her first bath at Kumbha Mela.


Gulls in Prayag


Wandering about the camps, we met only few Sadhus as they were supposed to come for the full moon. Late in the afternoon we come back to the Ashram.


Sadhu in Allahabad


Our trip to India lasted only two weeks but they have been very intense. Some of us are thinking about doing it again next year.


Nevio and Lucrezia


Yours Germano, Mariuccia, Patrizia, Sabrina, Nevio, Stefania and Lucrezia.