School is over!



Since some days school is over and summer holidays have begun, to kids’ great delight.  During finals, coinciding with the hottest period of the year, the kids are always a little bit tired and to break the stress of these days, we organize games and picnics. Children are much the same everywhere and obviously they prefer playing and having fun as soon as possible. One of the recreational activities they like best is preparing snacks they eat cheerfully all together, along with their teachers. Their home food is usually very poor and monotonous and that’s why they take the opportunity to taste simple dishes they themselves prepare.



Even if school is closed as to the school plan, it is open for the courses kids have chosen to attend: computer, music (tabla, armonium, guitar and singing), sewing, embroidery and handicrafts. The ones who don’t attend any course enjoy themselves with other activities, doing sports, group games and pottering in the garden. Many of the kids keep coming to the ashram even only to spend the day in a safe and cheerful place where they can have fun. Their condition is very different from the condition of our kids in the West; straitened circumstance make them independent and mature very quickly. Many of our children help their families in every day life and in the modest works their parents, usually very poor, manage.

Waiting for a delicious meal


For they all our centre is a great opportunity to learn and try to free themselves from a generally oppressive and miserable situation which wouldn’t allow them to devote their time to themselves and to enjoy optimum conditions for their growth and their not only physic development.


The hospital with its normal activities and the emergency room have to constantly intervene, with daily aids, even for our kids, because of the very hot weather.

Little cooks

Waiting for the rains that have been meagre this year, all the boys and girls warmly say goodbye to the ones who sponsor their studies and arrange to meet you the next school year, in July.


See you soon!