21th of September

Foundation Day


21th of September has a double commemorative value for Shri Sarveshwari Samooh Italy.

In the same day in the year 1961, in Varanasi, Shri Aghoreshwar founded Shri Sarveshwari Samooh with the ambitious aim to bring help and inspiration to Indian society and to mankind.

21th of September 1995, Shri Sarveshwari Samooh Italy was founded and every year we celebrate this day. We meet early morning to change the flag of the Samooh which waves near Baba Aghoreshwar’ Samadhi.

This year the anniversary, falling during Navaratri, has even a deeper meaning. The associates came for the morning meeting, then we hoisted the flag and we performed Aarti in the loving feeling, in the union and in the divine will of Baba. Only the associates currently in Benares for Navaratri were not here. This evening we will meet for Aarti and Havan, which are celebrated daily during Navaratri.

Ideals of brotherhood, friendship, respect, sharing of the aims, silent action, sacrifice, firm determination, faith in Aghor teaching and in the Master’s will, guide us and help us to overcome every obstacle or difficulty in this life of the world of dream.

I wish it would be an happy and peaceful day for  everybody.