Let’s all go to school!


While the peacocks feast on the seed we have recently sowed in the vegetable garden and a multitude of birds and crows please us with a concert, the sun in setting and the works on the river  bank do not cease to go on.

The monsoon does not seem to be approaching anytime soon, only some spare raindrops that do not give relief and that will not solve the drought affecting the next harvest. We have to water the garden often, and the children help out with a lot of fun.

I got here a few days ago, and owing to the fact that the school had already started, I found all of my children and many new ones; we celebrated with tons of jelebi. Everybody started the school year off with joy and willingness to learn, to play and be together.

Like other years, the girls and boys who finished the last class at our school and are eager to keep studying, have been enrolled in junior high classes thanks to our help and the help of all those who gave their support with generosity and sentiment.

Music, choir and dance classes are held regularly, and we are in the process of creating a show for the 15th of August, India’s Independence Day.

We cleaned up the river banks with the children, trying to make them understand how important is to keep Mother Ganga clean for everyone.

The sun has set now and the heath persists, the Aghoranna Paro Mantro chant can be heard from the temple accompanied by a scent of jasmine and a kingfisher lies on a branch: I look at the Gange flowing placidly and hug you goodbye.

Guru Ratna